Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness.

~R. Queen
Hello. I’m Alana Helbig, the creator of this space.

Here’s the abridged version of what this space is and how it came to be:

I’d been riding the soul struggle-train for more years than I cared to admit. Asking the big questions and pushing for answers that seemed to just never come.

“What am I here for? What is my purpose?”

I had been in the dark for so long. Losing my way. Stumbling. Scraping my knees. Desperately unhappy. Incredibly frustrated.

I watched as other women around me discovered their purposes, followed their dreams, lived out their passions, and launched successful businesses.

It felt to me like I was some kind of cosmic joke. My soul, like an elusive trickster, would come and go as she pleased. Tempting me into the dark unknown with her certainty and then leaving me cold and permanently blindfolded in unfamiliar lands.

I started to wonder if this dark void of nothingness would ever go away. I started to tell myself stories:

“I don’t have any gifts. I’m never going to know my purpose. Who am I?”
I had visions of myself as an apprentice witch who just couldn’t get her magic-shit together, and probably never would.
I cannot be the only woman feeling this way, can I?
I searched the internet for stories of other women dancing in the darkness and walking their soul path. All I could find were the perfectly, curated, glossed-over words of women who had ‘been there done that’ and now lived happily ever after.
It made me feel shit. Like I totally sucked at this weird thing called life.

Where is the grit? Where is the truth? Where is the rawness?

I wanted real and honest conversation about the journey of the soul. The sometimes never-ending darkness, the confusion, the mystery, the magic, the underworld, the tears of frustration and the moments of pure bliss. I wanted to know it all.

Realising that my desires were not going to be met by anyone else, I started a podcast series dedicated to truth, vulnerability and soul journeying. A place where women can come together to speak and hear about what it really means to walk the path of soul.

Turns out, there are thousands of other women out there who feel just like me.
Perhaps you’re one of them, too? If so, it would be awesome if you hung around for a while.
Where to from here? 

This space is a mash-up of soul stuff and podcasting stuff so I invite you to choose your own adventure…

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Can’t wait to get to know you! xx

A few fun facts about me

+ I’m 34. I was born on Christmas Eve!

+ I’m vegan (and have been for 6 years) – love me some tofu!

+ I quit my 10 year career back in January 2015, I took a 12-month hiatus, drove 30,000kms all the way around the outside of Australia in my campervan all on my own (check out more of my story here and here).

+ I’m dreaming of an overseas adventure next…

+ Right now I live in Brisbane Australia, while I get my podcast mentoring biz off the ground. I try to spend every other weekend on the coast in my campervan.

+ My blogging and podcasting journey started way back in 2012, with my sister and a little blog called “She Makes Magic

+ I’m a deep diver. I’m always diving into the dark depths of myself. Always questioning who I really am and what I’m really here for.

+ I have an inner rebel that refuses to conform and when I try to, I often end up depressed.

+ I’m learning to hula hoop (it’s hard but so freaking fun!)

I’d LOVE to get to know you, too. Flick me an email and say hi to

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