{Untangled 030} What does it take to live a good life? with Eric Zimmer

Eric Zimmer Untangled podcast


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If you’re a podcast fan, you’re probably familiar with Eric Zimmer, host of the hugely popular and successful The One You Feed podcast.

Eric says he was forced into the realm of self-help because he was dying. At the age of 25 he was a homeless heroine addict, facing jail time. Listen in as Eric shares his story from drug addict with no skills, to working in the computer industry, to starting a solar energy company and to finally creating the One You Feed Podcast.

We cover such a huge range of topics in this interview but it all boils down to one focussing question – how can we more skilfully work with our emotions and thoughts to create a good life?

Eric and I also explore:

+ What it’s like to live with depression.

+ How Eric uses meditation and curiosity to create space and distance between his thoughts.

+ Keeping a mainstream job while still following your passions.

+ Finding meaning and purpose wherever you are in life.

About half way though this episode, Eric and I get into an interesting conversation around balancing passion and purpose with the responsibilities and realities of life.

If you’re currently juggling a mainstream job or something to keep the money rolling in while you work on a passion project on the side, this is definitely one you’ll want to take a listen to.


{Podcast with heart 018} Connecting and engaging with your audience through spoken word, with Meredith Rom

Meredith Rom Podcast with Heart


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Meredith Rom is a yoga teacher, women’s leadership coach and host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast. Her mission is to support women to create a foundation of love within and for themselves, to live beyond their fears, and truly share their greatest gifts with the world.

In this episode we explore:

+ The importance of reaching out for support during your podcasting journey.

+ Written interviews vs audio podcast interviews – Meredith’s discusses the differences in community engagement, connection and stepping outside your comfort zone.

+ Meredith’s podcasting process.

+ What to do if you’re feeling stuck on your podcasting journey right now.

+ The positive impacts podcasting has had on Meredith’s business.


{Untangled 029} The physical body as a portal into the untangling process, with Ashly Rose Wolf


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Ashly Rose Wolf is an International Women’s Health & Sensuality Coach and the founder of Femme Rising® helping women revolutionize their relationship with their bodies so they can unlock their full feminine potential.

Ashly says she started using food as a way to feel but at the same time to numb out. As a senior in college, her food addiction had escalated into anorexia. She says she remembers looking into the mirror as she prepared to return home for spring break and realised she was so skinny her family would know there was a problem.

As she stared into the mirror, two statements came to her: “I’ll never be the woman I know I’m supposed to be if I don’t heal my relationship with my body” and “My body is the way in.”

This began her untangling journey to heal her eating disorder, digestion, candida and a parasite. To then re-awaken to her sensuality, cyclical nature and the wisdom within her body.

Ashly also shares:

+ How her food addiction, lead her to study holistic nutrition and eventually become a women’s health and sensuality coach.

+ How she medicated her depression and her menstrual cycle and how this exacerbated her disconnection from her body.

+ The importance of allowing ourselves to drop into quiet, dark periods of soul-hibernation and how to balance this in a society that expects us to be on all the time.

+ Moving your body to move through the untangling process.


{Podcast with heart 017} Podcasting is ripe with opportunities, with Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar Podcast with Heart


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“I started to play with the sound of myself and step outside of it. I didn’t judge it as much as grow it, expand on it, colour it a lot more than I was.”

Elsie Escobar starting podcasting in 2006 when she created Elsie’s Yoga Class in which she began sharing audio recordings of her live yoga classes. That podcast has now been downloaded over 4 million times. But the story doesn’t stop here. Elsie’s obsession with podcasting then got her a job working with Libsyn, the leading podcast host and distribution network. She’s the co-host and producer of The Feed: The Official Libsyn podcast. She also co-runs the She Podcasts Facebook group the largest community for women in podcasting and co-hosts the She Podcasts podcast. Yup. This woman lives and breathes podcasting.

In this episode, Elsie and I explore:

+ All the incredible opportunities presented to Elsie since she began her podcasting journey.

+ Self-sabotage, self-criticism and giving yourself time to get better at the podcasting process.

+ The most common fear that stops women from getting started.

+ Becoming okay with the sound of your voice.

+ Being yourself behind the microphone.


{Untangled 028} Follow your ‘fuck yes’ feeling, with Deanne Love

Deanne Love Untangled podcast


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Deanne Love says that a hula hoop rolled into her life 10 years ago. She’d quit her job as a primary school teacher, packed up her whole entire life in Australia and moved to Tokyo. Finding herself unhappy in a job singing to babies (yup, you read that right) and incredibly lonely in a foreign city, she took up hooping.

Little did Deanne know, her teaching background and her love of hooping would eventually collide to form the foundations of her passion-based business Hooplovers.

Deanne and I explore:

+ Going against the grain, leaving behind a life that looked right on the outside but felt wrong on the inside, to follow her ‘fuck yes’ feeling.

+ Her wild adventure in Tokyo, her story of discovering hoop dance AND meeting her husband.

+ How Deanne found her ‘girl gang’ – the women that support and love her.

+ The fear of rejection when we share our gifts with the world and Deanne’s perspective on moving through the fear anyway.

+ How she creates a profitable, creative, passion-fuelled business through the power of listening.