{Podcast with heart 014} Get friendly with your inner critic, Danielle Polgar

Danielle Polgar Podcast with Heart


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“It’s important for women because culturally and historically speaking, we’ve been repressed and, until just recently, we haven’t really had a voice. Now we’re really speaking up and sharing our experience of what it’s like to be in a world ruled by men… It’s such a breath of fresh air to have the freedom to speak our experience of life and bring that conversation into the world for everybody to listen to.”

Danielle Polgar, M.A. is an Astrological Counselor, light-seeker, and Saturn Return Specialist. She shares her practical, yet spiritually-infused interpretations of the sacred language of astrology with women seeking radical honesty, self-awareness, and deep transformation. She is also the co-host of the astrology-focused podcast, Bridging Realities.

In this interview, Danielle and I explore:

+ Collaboration instead of competition, how business is starting to change and how podcasting facilitates this change.

+ The pros and cons of working with a co-host.

+ Danielle gives insight into what tools and technology she uses to support the co-hosting process and how she and her co-host evenly split out the responsibilities.

+ Danielle’s brilliant advice for fitting in a podcast around an already full schedule.

+ Finding your voice and being confident to speak your truth.

+ Becoming friendly with your inner critic and self-saboteur.

{Untangled 025} Move to your own rhythm and beat, with Lauren Aletta

Lauren Aletta Inner Hue Untangled


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Back in 2013, I began one of the biggest untanglings of my life. My relationship had broken down, I was half way through a degree I hated, I felt like I no longer fit into my corporate job and I wasn’t being honest with myself about who I was.

What I didn’t know at the time was that this was just the very beginning and I was about to enter into an extremely dark phase, a phase that would last the better part of three years.

For three years, I stumbled around in the dark. For three years, I yelled at the Universe for answers while she seemed to just blink back blankly at me. I continually wished I was anywhere else but here, clawing and fighting to get out. But nothing worked. I just had to wait it out.

I wish back then, I’d known about Lauren Aletta’s cycle of growth. Because then I would have known that I wouldn’t be in this space forever and that where I was, was a necessary part of my soul evolution and human experience.

I know that now, of course. When I look back, I can see why it happened in the way it did. But when I was in it, holy fuck. It felt awful.

When Lauren gave me a copy of her new book Into The Woods and I began to read about the cycles of growth, I discovered, just like the seasons, we all experience a winter, spring, summer and autumn. Suddenly everything clicked into place.

And that’s why, I’ve invited Lauren onto the show today to talk about the cycles of growth and how understanding our cycles can help us to navigate our soul path.

If you feel like you’re in the dark right now or like you can’t quite understand what your soul self is asking of you, this interview is for you.

Lauren and I explore:

+ Cycles of growth and the seasons of your life and how, by identifying where you are at in each season, you can better understand your self and your path.

+ Why sometimes we have to go to deep dark places of discomfort before we can rebuild from a more aligned, truthful and trusting place.

+ The sneaky little shadowy creepers that can show up when we’re in transition.

+ How attuning to your own rhythm and beat can heighten your intuition.

+ Building a relationship between your soul self and human self.

+ Committing and devoting to turning up for you, your life and your greatness.


{Podcast with heart 013} What if podcasting is part of your gift and offering to the world? with Rachel Sizemore

Rachel Sizemore Podcast with Heart


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Rachel Sizemore is a life coach, speaker, and writer who is passionate about empowering women to quit the “shoulds.” Rachel is also creator and host of the podcast, Ripen.  Ripen is home to inspiring (and fun!) conversations that explore how women can use desire, pleasure, and intuition to deepen into their feminine power.

I had the pleasure of coaching and walking along side Rachel during the visioning, planning, creation and birth of Ripen. This interview catches Rachel the week after the launch of Ripen.


{Untangled 024} When your gifts are not what you or society expects them to be, with Alana Helbig

Alana Helbig Untangled


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Inspired by some insight I had on my morning walk this morning, today’s episode features just me, jamming on what I’ve learnt during the search for my ‘soul gifts’ over the past 18 months.

I share:

+ How I turned down the volume on the story of “I have no gifts” to see what was really hiding underneath

+ Why searching outside of myself and looking for answers from other people only lead me further away from my gifts

+ The subtleties of my gifts and why they are something that I feel, not something that I do.

+ If you don’t believe you have any gifts, my guidance around how you can start to move past this story (because it is a story. It’s not the truth.)


{Untangled 023} Beauty + ugly, acceptance + judgement, false self + true self and allowing ourselves to feel it all, with Luna Love.

Luna Love Untangled


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Luna Love says that the remembering of herself and her truth came through the process of grief. Entangled in her identification as a mother, a daughter and a partner, when these pieces and people in her life were stripped away, she had no choice but to turn inwards.

What I love specifically about this interview is the contrast of life Luna expresses so eloquently. The beauty, the ugliness, the judgement, the acceptance, the forgetting and then the remembering of her truth self.

In this interview we explore:

+ Luna’s three big moments of Untangling and what they taught her about her true self.

+ Finding and creating beauty in each moment, even when the world can be so ugly.

+ Becoming entangled in false identifications and external attachments. What happens when these things are stripped away?

+ Using grief as a tool for self awakening and realisation.

+ Letting ourselves feel without judgement.

+ Money, sex, emotions and flow.