{Untangled 037} Navigate on Trust, with Fenja Sepers

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Back in 2012, Fenja Sepers traded her job and home in Amsterdam for a surfboard and a suitcase and the plan to have no plan. She figured that our understanding of life and the world is not generated through reasoning, but through experiencing, and so taking distance and breaking with the Western system was necessary to create a rupture in the way of thinking and open up to new ideas and worldviews. Fenja baptised her journey Navigate on Trust, taking on a life-experiment that embraces the age-old wisdom of uncertainty. In 5 years she travelled through many countries, experienced joy, beauty, loss, and insecurity, which led to some profound life lessons.


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{Untangled 036} Digging up the suppressed histories of women, with Max Dashú

Max Dashú Untangled Podcast


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Max Dashú is a teacher of global women’s history and cultural heritages. She’s the founder of the Suppressed Histories Archives which researches female spheres of power, mother-right cultures, patriarchy, the history of domination, and spiritual philosophies.

Max has built an archive of over 30,000 slides and 130 legendary visual presentations, which bring to light female realities hidden from view. She has been sharing this research  for the last 48 years.

This interview explores Max’s story from a young child with a fascination in Egyptian history to becoming an intelligent young woman who makes a bold choice to leave Harvard at the age of 19 and pursue her own independent research on the suppressed histories of women.

I was fascinated by Max’s description of the landscape for women scholars in the late sixties / early seventies and her obvious courage to give up a pre-determined, safe path to follow a deeper, stronger, guiding inner pull.

Perhaps Max is one of these rare beings who comes into our world already untangled, with the purpose to show us what we’ve all been overlooking.

This is a rich discussion about women’s histories, untangling from the patriarchy and one woman’s journey to seek out the truth.


{Untangled 035} Untangling from an old life and transitioning into something new, with Alana Helbig

Alana Helbig Untangled podcast


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The core question driving Untangled season 3 has been: what does it really take to follow the inner pull to create a meaningful life?

After interviewing almost 40 men and women from all around the world on this topic, what I’ve come to realise is this: When we commit to living a meaningful, soul-infused life, we are always untangling, always in motion, always growing and changing. Therefore, we are always transitioning out of the old and moving into the new.

And at times this can be incredibly frustrating because we’re not far enough along the path as we want to be. It can be incredibly painful because we have to look at parts of ourselves that we are ashamed or afraid of. It can be ostracising because we are often guided to go against the grain. It can be confusing because in transition there is always a period of unknown where we have to reclaim the truth of who we are.

But, when we commit to ourselves, it can be an incredibly magical journey, too.

This is a topic I’m passionate about because it has been my journey for the last seven years.

A couple of weeks back, I was invited by Kylie Lowe from Joining Hands Australia to share my story of untangling and creating a meaningful life.

I recorded the speech so I could share it with you, too.


{Untangled 034} The simple experiment, with Frances Murray

Frances Murray Untangled Simple Living


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A couple of weeks back, my partner Clayton and I took an adventure in Walter the Campervan to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Frances Murray, her partner Tyler and her two young children Olive and Jude, welcomed us onto their newly established permaculture farm in the Noosa Hinterland region for a look around and a chat about the choice to live a simple life.

This interview was recorded in Franny’s tiny off-grid house, nestled in the living area on comfy arm chairs, surrounded by the sound of birds, in one direction overlooking the tree tops running along their natural creek and in the other direction their vegetable garden.

There is so much we cover in this interview but as I delved into Franny’s untangling journey, these were the highlights for me:

+ Contemplating the inevitability of death as an inspiration for chasing your dreams.

+ Redefining success based on how much joy and love you experience in your day (not by how much money you earn, things you acquire or your job title).

+ Following the inner pull, above all else (even when it means leaving your safe job, moving to a vacant block with two young children, and living without running water, electricity or a home for months at one the hottest times of the year).

Franny shares the real truth of their story, the why behind what they do and powerful insights to get you thinking differently about the way we humans ‘do life’.

After we finished recording this interview, Franny explained to me the costs associated with this style of living and I was shocked to realise how affordable it can be, if done in the right way.

If you’re interested, Franny has generously provided facts and figures of the cost to create and live this kind of lifestyle. You can find this information further down below.