{Untangled 028} Follow your ‘fuck yes’ feeling, with Deanne Love

Deanne Love Untangled podcast


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Deanne Love says that a hula hoop rolled into her life 10 years ago. She’d quit her job as a primary school teacher, packed up her whole entire life in Australia and moved to Tokyo. Finding herself unhappy in a job singing to babies (yup, you read that right) and incredibly lonely in a foreign city, she took up hooping.

Little did Deanne know, her teaching background and her love of hooping would eventually collide to form the foundations of her passion-based business Hooplovers.

Deanne and I explore:

+ Going against the grain, leaving behind a life that looked right on the outside but felt wrong on the inside, to follow her ‘fuck yes’ feeling.

+ Her wild adventure in Tokyo, her story of discovering hoop dance AND meeting her husband.

+ How Deanne found her ‘girl gang’ – the women that support and love her.

+ The fear of rejection when we share our gifts with the world and Deanne’s perspective on moving through the fear anyway.

+ How she creates a profitable, creative, passion-fuelled business through the power of listening.


{Podcast with heart 016} Podcasting as a full-time gig, with Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams Podcast with heart


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“I am always thinking how can I add value? How can I add so much value that people want to listen to the podcast, they want to support it, they want to help with its growth, they want to share it? That, for me, is a really key point.”

After working in finance for 8 years, Sarah Williams quit her city job and spent 18 months travelling the world, climbing Kilimanjaro, backpacking around South America and doing a ski season. She used this time to help her to decide what she wanted to do with her life.

On her return, she decided she wanted to motivate and inspire young girls. She developed Tough Girl Challenges and began speaking at local schools to girls about their goals and plans for the future.

Shockingly, she discovered many of the girls didn’t have any goals, most of them not being exposed to inspirational female role models.

In August 2015 Sarah launched the Tough Girl Podcast where she interviews inspirational female explorers, adventurers, athletes and everyday women who have overcome great challenges.

In this interview Sarah and I explore:

+ How Sarah grew her following to 800+ women in her Tough Girl Tribe Facebook group and 240,000+ downloads.

+ The systems and processes Sarah has in place for time management, productivity and promotion.

+ How Sarah monetises her podcast.

+ The opportunities and growth gifted to her through her podcast.


{Untangled 027} The spontaneity of my life puts me in the way of miracles, with Frank Jay Porcaro

Frank Jay Porcaro Untangled


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Three years ago Frank Jay had poured all his money and more into his business. He’d lost his apartment, was sleeping in his jeep and was showering in gyms. Frank Jay says his family was questioning his life choices and he started to think he should probably go back and get a J-O-B.

Listen in as Frank Jay shares his incredible story of choosing faith over fear, putting himself in the way of miracles to turn his life and business around.

We explore:

+ How he continues to chose his truth, even in times of uncertainty and fear.

+ What to do if you want to live life your way but you have too many responsibilities.

+ Dealing with negativity from others when we decide to walk a different path.

+ Choosing faith over fear to put yourself in the way of miracles.

+ Learning to say no and creating space to find your true self.


{Podcast with heart 015} Overcoming podcasting overwhelm and ego, with Nicole Mathieson

Nicole Mathieson Podcast With Heart


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“The nerves are actually energy and it’s nice if you can give that energy somewhere to go. Gratitude or the heart is a really good place for that energy to flow. And if the interview can come from that place, then it’s going to be a good interview.”

Nicole Mathieson is a kinesiologist and life coach helping women navigate the ups and downs of relationships.
Nicole brings her years of experience as a kinesiologist and the wisdom gained from 20 years with her husband to shed some light on how to have a relationships that not only lasts, but thrives.

Nicole is also the host of the Unbreakable podcast. Unbreakable explores the part of us that is truly unbreakable and looks at how we can nourish that to form the foundation for thriving, energised, intimate relationships.

I had the pleasure of coaching Nicole as she birthed Unbreakable into the world. This interview catches Nicole, 10 episodes into her podcasting journey .

Nicole shares with us:

+ How her kinesiology practice helped her to get clear on her podcast message and understand what her audience needs.

+ Nicole’s special process for creating a sacred container before each interview and why she finds this so powerful for herself and her guests.

+ How Nicole dealt with the podcasting overwhelm – she gives some really practical advice.

+ And we talk about how Nicole’s ego sometimes runs a muck in her interviews and how she works to befriend this part of herself.


{Untangled 026} Honour your truth in every moment, with Alphamama

Alphamama Untangled


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Alphamama is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial artist who engages her audience through her raw and evocative performances.

Alpha was brought up in a very conservative, Christian household. She says that her Untangling began at the age of 17 when her Islamic boyfriend exposed her to the theory that all religions are true. Spun into a tailspin, Alpha realised she would have to start questioning all her current beliefs.

Listen in as Alpha and I explore:

+ Alpha’s journey of breaking away from her Christian-focussed family to pursue her own life and beliefs.

+ How, by working on herself and cleaning up her own shit, she was able to heal her relationship with her father.

+ How Alpha has learnt to be present with and feel her emotions, especially the difficult ones.

+ Why following someone else’s cookie-cutter approach to spirituality doesn’t normally work.