{Untangled 031} Speaking to the plants, with Dani Gallagher

Dani Gallagher Untangled


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Dani Gallagher is the folk herbalist behind Roaming Soul Apothecary, a collective of wildcrafted plant medicine.

Dani says her untangling began in her late teens when she became sick with a mysterious illness. Passed around from doctor to doctor to doctor for over a year, nobody could tell Dani what was wrong.

It was an encounter with an herbalist in Dani’s local town who introduced her to the world of plant medicine and helped Dani to slowly begin to heal.

Listen in as Dani and I explore:

+ The story of leaving her job, joining a local community farm and remembering her connection to nature.

+ Her newest project – The Wild Grown Bus – where Dani is converting an old school bus into a full time tiny house and apothecary.

+ How Dani began to break down inner walls to hear and feel her true self.

+ How fear of the unknown can stop us from connecting to who we truly are and what we truly desire.

+ Monetary sacrifice in the Untangling journey.


{Podcast with heart 020} How I turned my podcast into a business, with Alana Helbig

How I turned my podcast into a business


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Back in 2016, I decided to take a leap. I’d been podcasting for over a year and absolutely adored it. What I wasn’t adoring was my current job. So I quit my job and decided to have a go at turning my podcasting passion into a business.

I spent three months in my creative cave, writing the Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers program. Then, towards the end of 2016, I launched the program and myself as a women’s podcast mentor into the world.

Nine months on, my business is gaining traction and momentum, most of which I owe to podcasting.

As the doors to Ignite have reopened again, I felt now was a great time to share more of my story with you.

I invited my good friend, Nicole Mathieson onto the show to pepper me with questions about my journey from a blogger to a podcaster to creating an online business.

We explore:

+ My foray into the online world as a blogger.

+ What happened when I switched from blogging to podcasting (hint: things exploded!)

+ How I turned my podcast into an online business and how podcasting has continually facilitated the growth of my business.

+ Why I created Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers and what you can expect when you join the program.


{Podcast with heart 019} How to bust through perfectionism and keep yourself accountable on the podcasting journey, with Vana Feliciano

Vana Feliciano Podcast with Heart


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Vana Feliciano is a pint size poet, painter, podcaster and planeteer. Deeply committed to laughing until it hurts and insights through increments, she is the founder of The Quiet Brave, a lifestyle community for the consciously courageous and Quiet Brave Radio, a podcast that explores the practice of being a conscious woman. She believes in community over criticism and that life is best lived as a nourished practice.

I was fortunate enough to connect with Vana as one of the students of the Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers program. It was a thrill for me to watch her launch her podcast into the world and I knew I needed to invite her onto the show to share her journey.

In this interview we explore:

+ Why Vana chose podcasting over other methods of communicating with her community such as blogging or vlogging.

+ Doing the inner work and removing limiting beliefs on the podcasting path.

+ Really useful strategies Vana uses to move past perfectionism and overwhelm.

+ How she used social media during her launch to keep her accountable and build excitement with her audience.

+ Breaking your show up into seasons to allow space to replenish creativity and let new insight drop in. 

+ And hear from someone first hand who used the Ignite program to launch their podcast.


{Untangled 030} What does it take to live a good life? with Eric Zimmer

Eric Zimmer Untangled podcast


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If you’re a podcast fan, you’re probably familiar with Eric Zimmer, host of the hugely popular and successful The One You Feed podcast.

Eric says he was forced into the realm of self-help because he was dying. At the age of 25 he was a homeless heroine addict, facing jail time. Listen in as Eric shares his story from drug addict with no skills, to working in the computer industry, to starting a solar energy company and to finally creating the One You Feed Podcast.

We cover such a huge range of topics in this interview but it all boils down to one focussing question – how can we more skilfully work with our emotions and thoughts to create a good life?

Eric and I also explore:

+ What it’s like to live with depression.

+ How Eric uses meditation and curiosity to create space and distance between his thoughts.

+ Keeping a mainstream job while still following your passions.

+ Finding meaning and purpose wherever you are in life.

About half way though this episode, Eric and I get into an interesting conversation around balancing passion and purpose with the responsibilities and realities of life.

If you’re currently juggling a mainstream job or something to keep the money rolling in while you work on a passion project on the side, this is definitely one you’ll want to take a listen to.


{Podcast with heart 018} Connecting and engaging with your audience through spoken word, with Meredith Rom

Meredith Rom Podcast with Heart


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Meredith Rom is a yoga teacher, women’s leadership coach and host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast. Her mission is to support women to create a foundation of love within and for themselves, to live beyond their fears, and truly share their greatest gifts with the world.

In this episode we explore:

+ The importance of reaching out for support during your podcasting journey.

+ Written interviews vs audio podcast interviews – Meredith’s discusses the differences in community engagement, connection and stepping outside your comfort zone.

+ Meredith’s podcasting process.

+ What to do if you’re feeling stuck on your podcasting journey right now.

+ The positive impacts podcasting has had on Meredith’s business.