{Untangled 018} The simple experiment, with Frances Murray

Frances Murray Untangled Simple Living


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A couple of weeks back, my partner Clayton and I took an adventure in Walter the Campervan to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Frances Murray, her partner Tyler and her two young children Olive and Jude, welcomed us onto their newly established permaculture farm in the Noosa Hinterland region for a look around and a chat about the choice to live a simple life.

This interview was recorded in Franny’s tiny off-grid house, nestled in the living area on comfy arm chairs, surrounded by the sound of birds, in one direction overlooking the tree tops running along their natural creek and in the other direction their vegetable garden.

There is so much we cover in this interview but as I delved into Franny’s untangling journey, these were the highlights for me:

+ Contemplating the inevitability of death as an inspiration for chasing your dreams.

+ Redefining success based on how much joy and love you experience in your day (not by how much money you earn, things you acquire or your job title).

+ Following the inner pull, above all else (even when it means leaving your safe job, moving to a vacant block with two young children, and living without running water, electricity or a home for months at one the hottest times of the year).

Franny shares the real truth of their story, the why behind what they do and powerful insights to get you thinking differently about the way we humans ‘do life’.

After we finished recording this interview, Franny explained to me the costs associated with this style of living and I was shocked to realise how affordable it can be, if done in the right way.

If you’re interested, Franny has generously provided facts and figures of the cost to create and live this kind of lifestyle. You can find this information further down below.


{Untangled 017} Dare to slow down, with Laura Storm

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Laura Storm knew from a very young age that her passion was in the realm of environmental sustainability. Her entire career has been focused on creating transformation to more sustainable societies. She’s rubbed shoulders with people like Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger and worked on projects and organisations such as the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, Project Green Light and Sustainia.

Laura says her life was incredibly busy, yet this was her passion work, she loved it and she wanted to see change happen in this world. So she worked, a lot.

In 2015 something happened that would change the trajectory of Laura’s life.

Innocently playing with her daughter on her bed one afternoon, Laura fell and hit her head. This blow to the head caused a minor traumatic brain injury.

Unable to do anything – no TV, radio, reading, computer, even the sound of her daughter running around was unbearable – Laura was forced into a dark, deep silence. And this dark, deep silence wouldn’t go on for just a few weeks or months, it went on for over a year.

Forced to do nothing but sit in silence, walk in nature and meditate, Laura began one of the biggest untangling journeys of her life.

This journey came with resistance, confusion, pain and loneliness but it also gifted Laura a deep connection with herself and a new vision of what a sustainable world should really look like.

Strap yourself in, this is one incredible story.


{Untangled 016} You’ve got to realise you’re a powerful being, with James Aspey

James Aspey Untangled


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Vegan Activist James Aspey says his untangling began when he landed a dream job on a cruise ship, swapping out his drug-taking party life for meditation and veganism.

During a 10 day meditation course, James had the inspiration to take a 365 day vow of silence to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence. And, as you’ll hear in this interview, when this man puts his mind to something there’s no stopping him.

James went on to travel around Australia and cycle 5000kms from Darwin to Sydney as part of his campaign, breaking his vow of silence on Australian TV in an iconic interview seen by millions.

I was one of the millions of people watching. I had been vegan for just over a year and I remember watching James and crying with gratitude that someone had finally found a platform on a national scale to speak up for the rights of animals.

This interview catapulted James into vegan activism and he now travels the world giving free speeches on veganism. He is captivating, entertaining and disarming. Exactly what the vegan community needs.

In this Untangled episode, James and I explore what happens when we follow that one big crazy idea, choosing to step outside our comfort zones despite the fear and how each of us has the capacity to be a powerful instrument for change.


{Podcast with heart 021} Protecting the privacy and anonymity of your guests, with Athena Rosette

Athena Rosette Podcast with Heart


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Athena Rosette is the creator of the Alter Ego Podcast. Athena has been taking on Alter Egos in her travels, performance life as a Brazilian Samba Performer, and in personal realms. She noticed that these forms of herself all gave her certain abilities and awarenesses she hadn’t yet accessed within her normal state, and quickly led to improved health, happiness, and overall satisfaction in her life. Eventually, the lines began to blur as she took ownership of these different personas. Athena now hosts the Alter Ego Podcast, where she and a new guest each week explore the boundaries of self expression and awareness.

In this interview we explore:

+ The trap of wanting our first episodes to be ‘perfect’ and why authenticity is WAY more impactful with your audience than perfection.

+ Finding your ‘podcaster alter ego’ to support you on the journey

+ Really useful tips for protecting the privacy and anonymity of guests who are sharing confidential or very private information on your show.


{Untangled 015} Speaking to the plants, with Dani Gallagher

Dani Gallagher Untangled


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Dani Gallagher is the folk herbalist behind Roaming Soul Apothecary, a collective of wildcrafted plant medicine.

Dani says her untangling began in her late teens when she became sick with a mysterious illness. Passed around from doctor to doctor to doctor for over a year, nobody could tell Dani what was wrong.

It was an encounter with an herbalist in Dani’s local town who introduced her to the world of plant medicine and helped Dani to slowly begin to heal.

Listen in as Dani and I explore:

+ The story of leaving her job, joining a local community farm and remembering her connection to nature.

+ Her newest project – The Wild Grown Bus – where Dani is converting an old school bus into a full time tiny house and apothecary.

+ How Dani began to break down inner walls to hear and feel her true self.

+ How fear of the unknown can stop us from connecting to who we truly are and what we truly desire.

+ Monetary sacrifice in the Untangling journey.