Deep connection and honest story sharing. This is the stuff that lights me up. So naturally I LOVE hearing from you.

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Join the movement of women supporting each other to untangle themselves and remember their gifts in the Untangled Community Facebook group. I am in there regularly story-telling and offering support where I can. Join the group here.

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If you’re a podcaster (or thinking about starting a podcast), join the Podcast With Heart Facebook group, a community of vibrant women podcasters. Introduce yourself, ask questions and get the help you need. I’m also in there regularly providing free podcast training and support. You don’t have to do this podcasting gig alone. Join the group here.

Podcast Submissions

I’m always on the scout for women with powerful messages and interesting stories who are ready to open their hearts and speak vulnerably for upcoming episodes of Untangled or Podcast with Heart. But I love to get to know you first before I interview you. Ideally, before you “cold email” me, join my tribe, join the above-mentioned Facebook groups, listen to a few episodes and strike up a genuine conversation with me. Let’s start out as friends and see what unfolds.