Have you been dreaming about creating a podcast but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to:

+ Build powerful connections and relationships in the online world?

+ Reach new audiences and create a community of engaged, adoring and loyal fans?

+ Have potent goose-bumpy-heart-explosive-tears-of-resonance-conversations that serve, inspire and ignite change?

+ Find your voice and express yourself through spoken word (because sometimes writing just doesn’t cut it)?

+ Share in a way that is real, aligned and authentically you?

+ And, of course, have your message touch the hearts (and ears) of people all around the world?

Deep down you know you’ve got an important message to share and podcasting is the perfect way to share it.

Let’s be honest though, podcasting can be freaking confusing and kinda scary.

Do any of these stories sound familiar?

+ Podcasting would be nice but it’s too technical for me.

+ There are so many steps involved, I feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

+ I’m terrified of public speaking. What if I mess up and make a fool of myself?

+ I’ve got a topic in mind but I’ve got no idea what questions to ask.

+ How would I even go about contacting guests to be on my show? That feels scary.

+ I hate the sound of my voice.

+ What will others say and think? Or, even worse, what if nobody listens?

I know these stories all too well. That’s why I created Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers. A step-by-step program containing everything you need to create and launch a podcast that is all heart.

I started podcasting in May 2015 with my sister and a podcast called She Makes Magic.

We started the podcast simply because we wanted to hear real stories from real women who had followed the call of their hearts. We thought these conversations were needed. Turns out, they were.

She Makes Magic became hugely popular, with over 6,000 listens in the first month alone! Plus listings in New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot and Top 100 podcasts.

Our small blogging community, we’d been nurturing for almost five years with barely any engagement suddenly quadrupled in size and we were inundated with emails from our listeners. Truly, we were blown away.

In 2016, my sister and I decided to close She Makes Magic and go our own way.

Having fallen in love with podcasting, I couldn’t imagine my life without it, so I created Untangled. I was hungry for deep, intimate and honest conversations about the journey of the soul. Again, I believed these conversations were desperately needed. They were.

Just like She Makes Magic, the message of Untangled spread like wildfire.

I started to receive emails from other women asking about my podcasting process.

Questions like:

+ I want to create a podcast but it just feels so huge and overwhelming. Where do I start?
+ You seem to know exactly the right questions to ask at exactly the right time, how do you do that?
+ How do you contact your guests?
+ What’s your formula for launching?
+ I love your interview style. How do you stay so present and hold space for your guest?

+ How do you manage to share so vulnerably and honestly? Don’t your get scared?

And not to mention all the technical questions, too.

That’s when I had the idea to create Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers and I started supporting other women on their podcasting journeys.

Since I started podcasting, I have:

+ Created a global community of connected and engaged women.

+ Found my unique voice and become more confident in speaking publicly.

+ Formed strong and beautiful connections with women I have admired for a long time.

+ Been featured in several magazines.

+ My calendar filling up with speaking opportunities from other podcasters and bloggers.

+ Found my passion and soul work.

+ Women contacting me every day, thanking me for the message I’m sharing and the work I’m doing.

+ And, because I freaking love podcasting so much, I’ve created a whole business based on it.


What I noticed when I began my podcasting journey is the podcasting landscape and language is confusing. And it’s also very ‘masculine’ – technical, structured and strategic. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this (in fact, this is an important part of podcasting), podcasting is SO much more than just tech and strategy.

Your energy, vibe, voice, interviewing style, belief systems and intentions all play a huge role.

It felt to me like the podcasting world was lacking heart and soul. It needed a feminine touch.

And so Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers was born.

Let’s get really honest here.  If you’ve felt the podcasting pull and you’re a heart-centred female entrepreneur with a powerful message, podcasting is part of your soul work. Podcasting can and will become an integral role in getting your message out into the world.

That’s why, in Ignite, we go deep into the soul of podcasting – we explore your vibe, vision and essence and then we weave this essence throughout your podcast, creating something that is totally unique to you and aligned with the message you’re here to offer up.

Then we blend all this together with proven strategies and formulas to ensure your message reaches the people who so desperately need it.

You’ll learn the secret formula I’ve used to launch my podcasts.

The formula which brought in thousands of listens in the first month after launch (for both of my podcasts) and listings in iTunes New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot and Top 100 podcasts.

I teach you the exact steps and strategies I’ve used to soulfully build a community of loyal and engaged listeners.

The kind of listeners who:

+ Light up every time they see a new episode go live.

+ Binge listen and play your episodes on repeat.

+ Refresh their podcast feeds in the hope you’ve released a new episode early.

+ Send adoring thank you emails.

+ Are so moved and inspired by your content, they want more of you and your services.

Ignite is a collision of podcasting soul and strategy. It is like no other podcasting program out there.


Ignite has saved me hours and hours of time in creating my podcast, well beyond the cost of my investment. I didn’t have to google search and debate and weigh options and figure out what to do, because Alana has already laid everything out simply and clearly from step 1- idea all the way through to launching live on iTunes. Ignite has made the podcast creation process seamless where it easily could have been a nightmare of stress and logistics. Rachel Sizemore, host of Ripen

Ignite is so much more than a simple how-to guide for podcasting. Ignite offers you a road map which supports you as you navigate through the uncertainty, fear and doubt that typically comes up when you decide to step up as a podcast host. This course has saved me hundreds of hours of overthinking and procrastination, not to mention late nights scanning the internet for answers. Hannah Morgan, host of The Great Unravelling

Not using age as an excuse, but I feel like technology can so easily baffle those of us who got their first email account in their mid-twenties. All I can say is thank GODDESS for Ignite – Alana Helbig’s brilliant podcast guide program. If you are thinking of starting a podcast, do NOT – I repeat – do not attempt this alone!! Especially if you are technically challenged. But even then, the soul, integrity, tuning-in guidance Alana gives is worth the program alone. Nicole Mathieson, host of Unbreakable

This program is designed to step you through the entire creation and launch of your podcast. You’ll receive access to the program instantly so you can kick-start your podcast journey immediately.

Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers includes:

+ Three professionally and beautifully designed guidebooks containing 14 powerful lessons providing you with everything you would want and need to know about starting a podcast.

+ 10+ interactive worksheets, templates and checklists to support you with visioning and planning, identifying your perfect listeners, contacting guests, creating episode content your community will go crazy for and launching with maximum reach and impact.

+ Never-told before stories from my journey as a podcaster so you can learn from my mistakes (and hopefully not make them yourself).

+ Access to the Ignite Resources Centre containing 20+ additional audios, videos and support materials that step you through the entire technical setup of your podcast. The resources centre is continually growing and being added to.

+ Lifetime access to the program plus receive regular updates as the podcasting technology world changes and evolves over time.

And all of this is broken down into a straight-forward, easy-to-understand formula, blended together with the perfect amount of heart and soul.


This is where we get clear on who you are, what makes you YOU, your WHY, your perfect audience and your big podcasting vision.


+ Uncover your clear and authentic podcasting why – this guy is going to anchor you in and keep you centred throughout your entire podcast journey.
+ Explore your signature message and language and define your unique podcasting vibe.
+ Get clear on your perfect listeners – their beliefs, fears, problems and desires.
+ Learn how to write engaging podcast copy that speaks directly to the people who need your message.


+ You’ll learn how to intuitively select your launch date and then strategically map out an achievable launch schedule.
+ I’ll teach you the secret recipe for a powerful podcast launch and then you’ll create your launch calendar and content plan (no overwhelm necessary!)


+ Let’s talk podcast style and artwork as a reflection of your overall podcasting message.
+ Plus lots of tips around finding and selecting the perfect podcast music.



This is where you learn how to connect with guests, create soulful and heart-fuelled content for your audience, and  rock the mic in the very unique and special way that only you can.


+ How often should I podcast? How long should each episode be? Let’s tackle these questions and come up with a episode format and schedule that works for you.


+ Believe me when I say, you’ve got your own special kind of interview style that your audience are going to love – let’s go exploring.
+ Plus dive into the magical world of intuitive interviewing.


+ Learn how to find and select the perfect podcast guests.
+ Craft potent podcast invitation emails that your potential guests just can’t say no to.


+ Learn how to physically and energetically prepare for an interview.
+ Explore the tools you can use to bring out the best in your guests.
+ Learn what to do when the fear monster arises.


+ Let’s build your special podcasting toolkit on a budget
+ Learn the elements for creating a high-quality sound recording and then follow the online tutorial videos and cheat sheets to help you with the recording process


+ Edit, mix and build beautiful sounding episodes using the in-depth Audacity video tutorials (no sound engineers needed).



Time to get your technical geek-on as you create a place for your podcast in the online world.


+ Learn the difference between podcast hosts, podcast directories and RSS feeds.
+ Use the step-by-step online tutorial videos to easily configure your podcast host – no technical brain blow-outs necessary!


+ Learn how to create and extract your valid RSS feed from your podcast host.
+ Use the online tutorial videos to submit your podcast to iTunes (and other podcasting directories) so you’re ready to rock it on launch day.


+ Configure and prepare your website for podcast go-time.
+ Learn how to make the most of free and very useful WordPress plugins to create a powerful podcast landing page and show notes that will draw your listeners right on in.


+ Follow the simple publishing workflow checklist for editing, building, publishing and promoting your episodes – let’s streamline this process and make it as efficient and simple as possible.


+ Learn and implement my proven launch formula so your podcast has maximum reach and impact.
+ Tackling the ol’ fear monster that can rise up on launch day.




Use these two guided meditations to tune into your podcast message and vibe and accept nerves and fear as they arise.


Learn how to use your intuition to guide the entire interviewing process from selecting guests, to formulating questions, to using intuitive cues during the interview.


The Ignite Resources Centre contains over 20 audios, videos and support materials so you won’t ever get stuck as you work through the program.


Several weeks ago I was having some serious problems with my podcasts. I was at all ends with trying to find solutions. Google couldn’t even help me. Cue: this angel Alana Helbig. She stepped in, held my hand, coached me through my problems and sent me videos to save and keep, filled with amazing and super-valuable solutions. I couldn’t recommend Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers more! Get Alana’s fantastic program and hire her to teach you the fast-track ways to make all your podcasting dreams come true. She is absolute magic. Vienda Maria, creator of The Free-spirited Collective

Honestly, when Alana first told me about Ignite, I knew it was going to change lives and that she had poured her heart and soul into it. But even then, it’s more than I imagined. I was so blown away by Alana’s content. It’s moved me. So if you’ve been dreaming about launching your own podcast with heart – I couldn’t recommend this resource more highly. Tahlee Rouillon, music composer at Sonesence

Doors to Ignite will be reopening in May 2017. You can join the Ignite VIP list to be notified when the doors reopen and also grab your free Podcast Quick Starter pack.
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t I just Google how to set up a podcast?

As the podcasting market becomes more and more popular you need a way to stand out, otherwise the people who need your podcast might not ever find you. In Ignite I teach my proven launch formula which brought in over 6,000 downloads in the first month of launch, 1,000 new subscribers plus listings in iTunes New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot and Top 100 Podcasts. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

It’s also important to understand that the technical aspect of podcasting is only 10% of what makes podcasting such a powerful platform. The other 90% is all about you, your audience, your capabilities as an interviewer, and the energy, intention and vibe you bring to each episode. This is not something you can just ‘Google’. This is something I have learnt from months and months of podcasting, making big mistakes, picking myself up and starting again. This is the information that is going to fast-track your podcast journey in the most enjoyable and powerful way. And all of this can be found inside the covers of Ignite.

I’m technically challenged. Will I still be able to follow this program to setup my podcast?

Absolutely. All the technical elements in this program have been written in plain and simple language. You also have access to all the videos in the Resources Centre which step you through the entire technical setup. You can watch these videos and follow along step by step. For extra technical help, check out my podcast technical setup package.

How long does this course take?

Ignite is a self-paced program and you’ll receive access immediately on purchase so you can work through the program in your own time, at your own pace. I normally recommend giving yourself at least eight weeks of preparation time to vision and plan, record and edit powerful episode content, get all the technical setup completed and build momentum and excitement for the launch.

Will this program teach me how to create a video podcast?

Unfortunately no. This program is designed specifically for audio podcasting only.

What podcast hosting platform do you recommend?

I personally use Libsyn for both of my podcasts. However Ignite contains tutorials for both Libsyn and SoundCloud podcast hosting platforms.

I already have a podcast. Will this program be of any use to me?

While the program is laid out in a formula focussed on creating and launching a podcast, Ignite can also be used as a podcasting companion to be revisited again and again for ongoing guidance, to refine and realign to your message, and to deepen your podcasting art. So yes, this program will definitely be of use to you, even if you’ve already launched your podcast.

I want to start podcasting but don’t have an idea for a podcast topic yet. Will this program be of any use to me?

Absolutely!  In the very first part of the program we explore who you are, your signature message and your audience. This will lead you to discovering your audience’s core needs and desires and, naturally, discovering how you can best serve them with a podcast.

What if I need some extra guidance?

If you prefer a little 1:1 love, I also offer a range of podcast mentoring packages. Some of my packages include a copy of Ignite. Find out more about my packages here.

How is the program delivered?

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll receive an email with a link to download all three guidebooks instantly. Plus details on how to access the Ignite Resources Centre. You can then work through the program at your own pace and in your own time.

What is your refund policy?

Because the program is delivered immediately on purchase, I am not able to offer refunds on purchases.

I love the sound of Ignite. Can I become an affiliate?

I would be honoured to partner with you. When you purchase the program, you’ll gain access to the Ignite Resources Centre which contains all the information you’ll need to become an affiliate.

Got more questions? Hit me up at alana@alanahelbig.com.

Doors to Ignite will be reopening in May 2017. You can join the Ignite VIP list to be notified when the doors reopen and also grab your free Podcast Quick Starter pack.
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Alana Helbig is a women’s podcast mentor, creator of the online program Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers and the host of three podcast series – She Makes Magic, Untangled and Podcast with Heart.

With over 15-years combined experience in business management, IT consulting, blogging and podcasting, Alana brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique ability to clarify and simplify the often confusing language of the online world.

Using just the perfect blend of soul and strategy, Alana guides women into the heart and essence of their podcasting message, igniting powerful and purposeful conversation through the podcasting platform.