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In this very first episode of Untangled, I’m getting untangled with myself. Ha! As I’ll be asking other women to share their intimate stories, I thought it only fair that I open the series with my own story and share with you where I’m at right now. In this episode, we adventure into:

+ My seven-year journey of consciously walking my soul path.

+ What happened when I decided to stop using my head to navigate and started to trust my feelings.

+ Why I recently quit my job on a whim, with little money in my bank account and no clear idea of what I was to do next.

+ Why I decided to create Untangled: The Podcast Series.

+ Why being stuck in my ego disconnected me from my soul and resulted in what I call a “business identity crisis”.

+ How I’m learning to find the pleasure in all of life, even the painful, fearful and confusing parts.

+ How dance and hula hooping has helped me to reconnect with my intuition, through the feelings in my body.

+ What I’ve learnt about navigating the mystery.



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