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In this episode we’re getting untangled with Lauren Aletta, Intuitive coach and creator of Inner Hue. We adventure into:

+ Lauren’s experience with panic attacks, anxiety and burn out at the end of 2015 and what she did to move through this period.

+ Why boundaries are so important for our creativity, expression and to be our best selves.

+ Why having a “5-year plan” might not necessarily be the best thing for your soul.

+ Using curiosity, wonder and self-soothing techniques to explore periods of discomfort and mystery.

+ How Lauren has learnt the language of her soul and how you can do the same.

+ How she remains humble and un-egoic as she offers up her soul services.

+ Why she believes we have entered into the “era of energy” with the next stage of our human evolution being all about tuning into our energetic undercurrents (J-U-I-C-Y).



+ Soul School Monthly
+ Lauren’s interview with Juliet Allen.


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