Wendy Rule Untangled

In this episode we’re getting untangled with Wendy Rule, Australian visionary songstress and teacher of spiritual self-development.

I met Wendy at Mount Martha’s Seven sisters festival in 2015. I was instantly drawn to her. Actually, I could not take my eyes off her. She was captivating to me. Her dark hair, dark clothes and her obvious love of the darkness. It all just oozed mystery. And then she began to sing…

After that weekend, Wendy’s music became the background sound any time I pulled out my candles, sage and crystals. It was the music I used – and still use – when I want to venture into a deeper place within myself through ritual or meditation. It’s also the music that graces the intro and outro of this very podcast.

Her music is dark and earthy and moody and deep. All the things I love!

I asked Wendy about her comfortability within the darkness and this question then formed the basis of our entire interview…

We adventure into:

+ Why the darkness can be a beautiful place of healing and self-discovery, as can the light.

+ How the recent death of her mother prompted a deep journey into exploring and unlocking hidden layers of grief.

+ How she’s using mythology to better understand her own story of grief.

+ The simple techniques she’s using to reconnect back into her soul during this challenging time.

+ How to make aligned decisions when your world feels like it’s crumbling around you



Beneath the Below is a River – my favourite album created by Wendy and the album I use regularly when I conduct my own rituals
+ Seven Sisters Festival, Mt Martha


+ Website: wendyrule.com
+ Facebook: /wendyrulemusic
+ Instagram: @wendyrule


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