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Today’s episode is a little different and one very close to my heart. I’ve asked my good friend, Nicole Mathieson to play host this week and ask me ALL the questions about my podcasting journey. This is a story I’ve never really shared before and I thought it was about time I did. Together, we look back on the past 18 months of me being behind the podcast mic.

Doing this interview really helped me to reflect on just how far I’ve come. Because, things have been pretty busy lately and, if I’m truly honest, I’ve been pretty hard on myself. There has been a LOT of negative self-talk.

This conversation with Nicole pulled me back into the joy of my work (and into the joy I feel when I podcast). I hope you feel my joy vibrating out to you as you listen.

In this episode, Nicole and I explore:

+ How the ideas for my three podcasts – She Makes Magic, Untangled and Podcast with Heart – came about.

+ Why showing up vulnerably on my podcasts was the catalyst for creating a hugely engaged community.

+ Why women are bringing a whole new, exciting aspect to the podcasting realm.

+ The two hardest parts about getting started on my journey – hello technical confusion and the dreaded FEAR monster.

+ Why my deep wound and story of “I have nothing to offer” actually became my super-power during the early days of podcasting.

+ Why treating your podcast like a paid product is SO important.

+ What to do if you really, really want to start a podcast but are too afraid.

+ And I also spill the beans on my true podcast statistics.


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+ Podcast with Heart music: Audio Jungle
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