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I started podcasting back in May 2015. Back then, podcasting wasn’t a big thing. Sure it had been around for many years but in our realm – the realm of women bloggers and the women blogosphere – podcasting wasn’t that prevalent. In my blogging group, for example, I only knew one or two other women out of a thousand women in the group who had a podcast.

Since then, and particularly this year, I’ve watched as podcasting has become more and more popular. I’ve seen lots of other women create successful (and some not-so-successful) podcasts. I’ve also been fortunate enough to start coaching other women on how to create a successful podcast.

From doing a bit of an audit on the female podcasting landscape, there are a few very common mistakes I see women podcasters making again and again, particularly when they are first starting out. These are really simple things that can be prevented, making the entire process more enjoyable while increasing reach and impact.

In today’s episode of Podcast with Heart, I’m going to take you through five of the most common mistakes. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, I invite you to listen in to this and learn from someone else’s mistakes. If you are already podcasting, these tips will still be relevant for you and you can start applying them straight away.

In this episode, I share:

+ The 5 most common mistakes new podcasters make (and how to not make these mistakes yourself).

+ My secret recipe for a powerful podcast launch.

+ How to energetically and physically prepare yourself for an interview and why this is so important!

+ Sound quality tips and tricks.

+ The number one skill you need to bring the best out in your podcast guests.


Love this podcast? Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and never miss an episode.


+ Free cheat sheet – learn how to adjust volume levels in Skype during an interview to create a smooth sounding podcast.

+ Ignite: Podcasting for changemakers – the complete guidebook series for creating and launching a podcast with heart.

+ Michelle Marie McGrath Self-love alchemical oil

+ Zencastr.com

Getting the volume levels of you and your guest’s voice right at the time of recording can make a HUGE difference to the final quality of your podcast episode. This free cheat sheet steps you through exactly how to adjust the volume levels. I’ve created cheat sheets for both Ecamm Call Recorder and Pamela for Skype. Print the cheat sheet out and have it next to you each time you carry out an interview. 

Download your cheat sheet here.