{Podcast with Heart 004} The true power behind podcasting with Alana Helbig

podcast with heart with alana helbig



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Today’s episode is a little different and one very close to my heart. I’ve asked my good friend, Nicole Mathieson to play host this week and ask me ALL the questions about my podcasting journey. This is a story I’ve never really shared before and I thought it was about time I did. Together, we look back on the past 18 months of me being behind the podcast mic.

Doing this interview really helped me to reflect on just how far I’ve come. Because, things have been pretty busy lately and, if I’m truly honest, I’ve been pretty hard on myself. There has been a LOT of negative self-talk.

This conversation with Nicole pulled me back into the joy of my work (and into the joy I feel when I podcast). I hope you feel my joy vibrating out to you as you listen.


7 tips and perspective shifts for overcoming podcasting fear


I’ve been podcasting since May 2015 and I have to say – without a doubt – podcasting has been some of the most exciting, rewarding, deeply fulfilling and healing work I have ever done.

Podcasting has changed my life. I’ve formed beautiful friendships. I’ve been able to generously support and share the messages of women who are doing great work. I’ve found a creative outlet that generates meaningful change. I’ve overcome huge fears and discovered a talent and passion for interviewing I didn’t know I had.

I absolutely adore podcasting. Couldn’t imagine my life without it.

When my first podcasting idea landed, it was just the tiniest of nudges. I almost ignored it! It took months to get the idea off the ground. Procrastination central! I look back now and think what a loss it would have been if I had not listened to that little idea.

What about you? Have you felt that tiny intuitive tap tap on your shoulder, nudging you towards the podcasting world?

If you’re feeling that nudge but don’t know where to start, my aim here is to share useful and practical information to inspire you to begin walking the podcast path.