You’re ready to untangle from an old life that no longer feels right and transition into something new.

When we commit to living a heart-centred life, we are always untangling, always in motion, growing and changing. Therefore, we are always transitioning out of the old and moving into the new. If you’re in transition, it’s a good sign. And it can be exciting (albeit sometimes confusing) to create something new and more aligned.

If you’re feeling the winds of change and are ready to create in a heart-centred, soul-fuelled way, I’d love to support you. Choose the transition package that feels right for you.


This single 45 minute taster session is for you if you feel you’re on the verge of a transition. There’s one particular area of your life – be it career, lifestyle, travel, living situation, business – you’ve outgrown and you’re ready to step into something new. You’re looking for gentle support and guidance as you navigate this new, exciting, possibly scary phase of your life. You think you’d benefit from working with a coach but you’d like to dip your toe in first before investing in a full package. I get it!

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This is for you if you’re feeling a deep inner knowing that there’s something more for you. You’ve been receiving guidance and signs that things need to change. There are one or more areas of your life which you’ve outgrown and are calling for your attention. Perhaps you’re not sure of your next steps. Perhaps you’re feeling afraid of what this might mean. Perhaps you need someone to help you sort through what to take with you on this new adventure and what to leave behind. What you do know is you’re wanting to create a life that is a true reflection of you.

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This is for you if you have a deep inner knowing it’s time to transition out of your corporate career. You’ve had a “my work here is done” moment. Perhaps you know what you’re ready to leap into – a new creative project, a business, a solo travel adventure. Or perhaps you don’t know yet. That’s cool. We can explore this together. What you do know is whatever you leap into next, it needs to feel aligned, meaningful, purposeful and packed full of joy.

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This if for you if you’ve been guided to transition into a soul-based business or create a soul-based offering. Perhaps you’re feeling apprehensive about leaving behind something you worked so hard to create. Perhaps you’re unclear on what this new biz or offering actually looks like. Perhaps you need someone to help you soulfully strategise and map out an achievable plan to leap. What you do know is you want this new venture to be light, joyous, passion-filled and infused with soul.

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