Career Transition Coaching

This is for you if you have a deep inner knowing it’s time to transition out of your corporate career. You’ve had a “my work here is done” moment. Perhaps you know what you’re ready to leap into – a new creative project, a business, a solo travel adventure. Or perhaps you don’t know just yet. That’s cool. We can explore this together.

What you do know is whatever you leap into next, it needs to feel aligned, meaningful, purposeful and packed full of joy.


+ Adventure into your inner world to explore your beliefs around money, becoming visible, safety and security, self-worth from a job title, what a job should really look like

+ Explore your unique brand of magic and special gifts you have to offer the world

+ Sort through what’s of value, what should stay and what needs to go

+ Energetically lay new foundations for what’s to come

+ Intuitively create an action plan to untangle from your current career and leap into this new phase

+ Heart-storm or work together on your creative project, biz idea, travel adventure (whatever you’re creating next)

+ Work on aspects of your new project such as your website, branding, offerings, messaging, vibe

+ Conduct a release ritual to let go of the old and welcome in the new


The career transition package is uniquely tailored to you and where you are at.


+ 4 x 45-minute coaching sessions (1 per fortnight via Skype)

+ Recordings of each session

+ Email support in between sessions

+ Additional resources, journaling prompts and activities as needed through the journey

INVESTMENT: $400 AUD or 2 monthly payments of $225 (AUD)

Let’s begin with a 30-minute discovery session to see if we are a fit. Book your discovery session by emailing me at