Rachael Alaia Untangled

Today on Untangled episode 9, I’m joined by Rachael Alaia, founder of Wild Soul Wellness and creator of the podcast Feral Intercourse: Conversations with Wild Women.

It’s funny, I had in my head a very definite idea about where I wanted this conversation to go. I was all ready to dive into Rachael’s entire soul story with you but instead, as we chatted prior to ‘official interview time’, Rachael began speaking about integrity and before I knew what had happened the interview had already started.

This is true free-flow at it’s finest. Neither of us had any idea of where we were going to end up but we trusted and leaned into the unknown space. Which, when you think about it, is a beautiful metaphor for walking the path of soul.

We cover many topics in this discussion but there’s one underlying question that holds it all together:

How can we become more whole by embracing both the dark and light of our being?

We explore:

+ Integrity in the online world.

+ Getting stuck in the spiritual trap of ‘solving’ rather than ‘feeling’.

+ Building self-trust by failing consistently.

+ Why our wounds are our greatest gifts.

+ And using our rock bottom moments as opportunities to reclaim power and self-worth.



Rachael Alaia Untangled



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