Robin Lee Untangled

Welcome writer, healer, modern medicine woman and founder of The Babe Collective, Robin Lee.

In this conversation, Robin and I explore the journey of the high priestess and what it really takes to become the heroine of your own life. We look at how excavating and exploring our darkest shadows can lead to an incredibly magical and light-filled life, if we are willing to do the work.

Robin shares:

+ Her personal journey of disconnecting and disassociating from herself to escape the pain.

+ How she used drugs and alcohol as a means to numb out the intensity of her feelings.

+ What happened when she chose to let go and sink into the truth of her pain.

+ Viewing the excruciating death of the ego as an opportunity for empowerment and freedom.

+ Her super-useful tricks for deeply connecting in with soul.

+ And Robin finishes our conversation by channelling a message for us all on becoming the heroine of our own lives.




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Robin Lee Untangled



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