Connie Chapman Untangled

The process of untangling the very human parts of ourselves, to uncover the essence of who we truly are, can be an incredibly freeing experience.

But it can also feel incredibly terrifying.

It can feel like all our old wounds – from this lifetime and past lifetimes – rise to the surface for healing and attention. It can feel like it’s easier to just go ‘back to sleep’ rather than follow the outrageous or confusing requests of our souls.

This soul work stuff really does require so much courage.

In this interview, I ask Connie Chapman to share her personal story of soul struggle and soul surrender.

Connie talks very candidly about where she is her journey right now and the continual surrendering process she’s had to do in order to step up and do the work of her soul.

You’ll hear Connie talk about:

+ The old programming from her childhood which has held her back in her soul journey and how she continually works to heal these blocks.

+ The role fear plays in offering up our gifts and how Connie uses divine action to alleviate the fear.

+ How to differentiate between reactive, emotional action and inspired, divine action.

+ The growing pains we can experience as we expand into our soul work and soul gifts.

+ How Connie balances the smallness of her human-self with the hugeness of her soul’s desires.

Part way through this interview, I started to feel a sense of frustration rising in my heart and throat. The very human part of myself was triggered. Not by what Connie was saying but by the confusion I have often felt on my path and the struggle I have gone through to remember my gifts and be my true self in the world. I’d love to know if you are feeling this frustration, too.

If you feel like you’ve been fighting with your soul or you’ve felt the call of your soul to go deeper, bigger and wilder, this interview is for you.


Connie Chapman Untangled



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