Natalie O'Brien Untangled


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Initially Natalie O’Brien was a teacher, when a move to Perth with her family found her unable to find a new teaching position. Tuning into and trusting the synchronistic signs she was receiving, Natalie was lead on a two-year adventure where she came to uncover her gifts as a crystal and energy healer.

In this interview, Natalie and I explore:

+ How she found the trust, faith and courage to follow the synchronistic signs and guidance

+ How she got her husband on-board and involved in her new passion for crystal and energy healing.

+ The universal call she sent out to attract new friends who would understand and support her in this new stage of her life.

+ How she uses love as her ally when she’s feeling afraid or out of alignment.

Natalie O'Brien Untangled



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Natalie incorporates Ashati Energy healing, Reiki, Crystal healing and Metaphysical healing with card readings and inner explorations. She is also the creator of Draw Out Your Inner Light Workshops which are all about soulful alignment,receiving crystal and energy healing, mediation, illustration, embracing unicorn energy, opening to crystal angel magic and returning to a place of wholeness within.

Connect with Natalie at:

+ Website:
+ Facebook: /crystalcatalyst7
+ Instagram: @crystalcatalystjoy



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