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Lindsay Mack is an intuitive healer and teacher who uses the Tarot for deep soul evolution. Lindsay says that at the age of 30 her healing journey blew wide open when she experienced a nervous breakdown and, in one defining moment, chose life instead of death. And it was this same healing journey which then led Lindsay to remember her unique intuitive gifts.

In this interview Lindsay and I explore:

+ How she has made peace with her abusive childhood and how she was able to drop out of victimhood and into empowerment.

+ The initiation most of us must go through in order to discover our gifts and offerings.

+ Alchemising our wounds into medicine for ourselves and for the world.

+ Lindsay shares two personal Tarot ceremonies you can use for 2017 and upcoming moon cycles.

Lindsay Mack Untangled



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+ Healing Wise, Susun S. Weed
+ Women Who Run with the Wolves
+ Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore
+ Lumina Tarot, Inner Hue



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Lindsay Mack is a Brooklyn based intuitive healer and teacher who uses the Tarot for deep soul evolution. She was guided to a path of sacred service with the Tarot following a healing journey from life long PTSD and abuse. She offers and facilitates Soul Tarot Readings, which are transformational healing and channeling experiences with the Tarot, gently and warmly delivered through a heart centered lens. These readings go beyond the ego, beyond brain chemistry, directly into the root and bone of the macrocosmic soul path: what we are here to experience, master and birth into our lives. These readings are totally down to earth — deeply empowering and clarifying experiences, designed to reset and refresh those who receive them. Lindsay is the founder of Wild Soul Healing and Wild Soul Tarot School, both in NYC, and has presented classes and workshops on Soul Tarot all over the country, including: Spirit Weavers Gathering, Maha Rose Center for Healing, Urban Outfitters, The Standard Hotel, RA MA Institute, The Ace Hotel in LA, Inquiry Pop Up in Marfa, TX, HausWitch in Salem, and more. Lindsay has been reading and studying the Tarot for over 20 years.

Connect with Lindsay at:

+ Website:
+ Instagram: @wildsoulhealing



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