Alana Helbig Untangled


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Inspired by some insight I had on my morning walk this morning, today’s episode features just me, jamming on what I’ve learnt during the search for my ‘soul gifts’ over the past 18 months.

I share:

+ How I turned down the volume on the story of “I have no gifts” to see what was really hiding underneath

+ Why searching outside of myself and looking for answers from other people only lead me further away from my gifts

+ The subtleties of my gifts and why they are something that I feel, not something that I do.

+ If you don’t believe you have any gifts, my guidance around how you can start to move past this story (because it is a story. It’s not the truth.)

Alana Helbig Untangled



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Alana Helbig is a women’s podcast mentor and host. She guides women into the heart and essence of their message, igniting powerful conversation through the podcast platform.She is also the author of Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers. An online program teaching female soul-centred entrepreneurs and bloggers how to create and launch a podcast that is all heart. As the creator and host of Untangled – a hugely popular podcast channel harnessing the ancient and powerful story-telling nature of women in exploring the sacred yet dark aspects of soul awakening – Alana helps thousands of women all over the world cultivate a deeper soul connection and realign back into the magical free-flow of their soul path.

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