Your Truth. Your Life. Your Way.

In a world dependent on normality and conformity, Untangled explores the lives and stories of real people who are “doing life” in a different way. These are intimate and inspiring stories with people dedicated to untangling themselves from self-made and conventional societal constructs to live their version of Truth.

Listen in as we take a deep dive into their journey of untangle-ment. Learn how they navigated the transitions, fear and change and began living an aligned, intentional life, full of meaning and purpose.

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The Stories

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Kind Words

“Full of soulful, insightful conversations that make you feel like you are not alone in the wild journey of the soul.”

“In a world where things move so fast and the world nags at you from every millimetre of your being, there’s solace in this beautiful, mindful podcast. When I heard Alana’s first episode, I felt as though she was pulling the words out from within my soul and speaking just to me.”

“In this crazy world where not much makes sense anymore, the Untangled Podcasts are so refreshingly honest and inspiring. I love the realness and rawness of the conversations.”

“This is one of my favorite podcasts! I have a lot of admiration for Alana as she has the courage to bare her soul in the interest of helping other women who are on similar journeys. Every interview is raw, authentic and inspiring!”

“Untangled is by far my favourite podcast. I love the raw honesty, vulnerability, realness and authenticity of both the guests and Alana. Alana’s interview style is so inspiring – she manages to ask all the questions I am thinking in my head!”

Special thanks to Wendy Rule and Craig Patterson for the beautiful music from their album Beneath the Below is a River, which is used through out my podcast.

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