Where will you be in 90 days?

BIZ 90-DAY PLANS: have you got one? 

Did you realise a quarter of the year has almost passed? Crazy, hey!

Every quarter, I spend some time mapping out my high-level 90-day plan.

I love this activity because it helps me get clear and anchor into my priorities, rather than being tossed about by life and the next shiny thing! AND it stops me from taking on too much and sinking into overwhelm (an old habit of mine I’m aiming to kick this year).

Here’s the questions I ask myself:

+ where am I right now? (Financially, work hours, clients, pricing, services, savings but also health, personal life, relationships – think about your core values here)

+ where would I like to be by the end of the next 90 days (again, exploring those areas above)?

+ how do I want to FEEL at the end of these 90 days (and throughout)?

+ what are the 3 main priorities I want to focus on over the next 90 days?

+ how will I support myself, my health and my well-being over the next 90 days (so important for preventing burnout, anxiety and reactiveness)

+ what other support do I need to find to help me? (This might look like outsourcing, a coach, kinesiology, etc)

Then I dive deeper into my 3 main priorities, get strategic and start mapping out timelines with specific dates and goals.

I’ll pin this plan to my wall so it keeps me focussed as the months unfold.

It’s amazing what can happen when we get clear and write our desires down. I see this as an act of self-love. By committing to this it sends a message to myself that I am worthy of having big dreams and goals. I am worthy of taking time for myself. I am allowed and it is safe to ask for what I want. I trust myself to make this happen and nurture myself through it.

It’s powerful stuff.

To help you plan out your next 90 days,  I’ve created you a free printable. It’s a simple one-pager, made with the intention for you to fill out, hang on your wall and keep you focussed as the months unfold.

You can download it here.




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