Hello. I’m Alana Helbig.

Storyteller. Podcaster. Mentor. Untangler.

At my core, I’m fascinated by the inner pull we feel to move away from the mundane and create meaning and purpose in our lives.

You know what I’m talking about.

It’s the little voice that whispers: “What am I here for? What is my purpose?”

It’s the insatiable curiousity that asks: “What does it really take to create a meaningful life?”

Or it might even be the creeping depression that urges you to “Start looking elsewhere. There’s got to be more to life than this.”

I believe each of us has a special something – call it your gift, magic, purpose – to contribute to this giant piece of artwork called Life.

And that’s what brings you here. You can feel this, too.

You’re ready to untangle from an old life that no longer feels right and transition into something new.

You’re ready to untangle from society’s giant rule book and embark on a search for something ‘more’.

Storytelling. Not Advice Giving.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the last eight years of my untangling journey is there’s not a one size fits all process for creating a meaningful life.  Only you know what holds meaning and purpose  for you. And it likely won’t look like anyone else.

Right back in the early days when I was in the dark, confusing depths of my untangling journey, I searched the internet for stories of other women going through what I was going through.

But all I found were the perfectly curated, glossy words from women who had ‘been there done that’ and now lived happily ever after. I found a lot of well-intended advice and not a lot of truth.

What I was looking for were the real stories.

Frustrated, but not defeated, I started the Untangled podcast, a purely storytelling podcast exploring what it takes to follow the inner pull and create a meaningful life.

Why storytelling?

Because we live in a time that encourages disconnection and separation. As we sit together and share our stories, we realise we are all the same and the walls of separation crumble.

(And, I don’t know about you, but I’m fatigued from all the perfection and advice-giving out there in the online world. An honest story is so refreshing.)

I also help other women to podcast.

Turns out, in my search to understand what it takes to create meaning and purpose in life, I found (a big part of) my meaning and purpose! Ha! Life can be funny like that.

I fell head over heels in love with podcasting, so I made a biz out of it.

I now teach other women how to soulfully and strategically share their message on the podcasting platform.

If this interests you, you can find out more here.

My own Untangling

My untangling started out innocently enough back in 2010, when I began to feel unhappy in my corporate career.

Almost overnight I went from numbed-out, party-girl, society conformer to asking the bigger questions: Why am I here? What am I really contributing to the world?

Eight years on (and counting), I’ve untangled big time.

I’ve become vegan, quit my corporate job, sold most of my belongings, completed a nine-month, 30,000km solo adventure around Australia in my campervan named Walter and just recently started my own business. My friends say I’ve done a complete 180 and it’s probably true.

That’s the short version. If you want the real, dark, gritty parts of my story (cos I’m not one for holding back), you’ll want to listen to these interviews:

+ About my campervan adventures, listen here and here

+ About creating Untangled and starting my own biz, listen here

+ About finding my gifts and purpose, listen here


Do I have it all figured out? No way! (Do we ever?) But every day I feel like I’m getting closer (to my truth).

At the crux, everything I’ve done over the last eight years has been driven by this:

Deep down I’ve always felt a personal responsibility to find my “thing” (aka gifts / purpose / magic) and do it good. I’ve always known that my own internal evolution (and your evolution, too) contributes to the entire evolution of humankind.

That’s why it’s paramount – especially in the world we live in today – we begin to think differently, question everything we’ve been led to believe and trust the guiding inner pull (even when it guides us to do seemingly illogical things).

I’m ready. Are you?

Where to from here?

If you’re wanting to hang around for a while (I hope you do!), you might like to listen to the Untangled podcast or pop your email addy in the box at the very bottom of the page to receive untangling stories direct to your inbox (these go out about once a fortnight).

I’m looking forward to getting to know you! xx

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