Supporting women and organisations who are doing good things in the world – this is what lights me up!

My Clients

My clients are a broad mix of environmental and sustainability experts, not-for-profits, healers, authors, speakers, coaches and artists. If you’re creating positive change in the world, I want to help you!

My experience

I’ve got over 15 years combined experience in business, administration, IT consulting and marketing.

I’ve been a freelance business manager since 2015 and I’ve been personally bloggingpodcasting and creating online offerings for over six years.

I’m also the creator of Ignite: podcasting for Changemakers, a comprehensive program and online community that has supported 60+ women to create and launch their podcasts.

My magic

I’m often told I bring a beautiful blend of strategy and soul to business.

I’ve got a sharp technical mind and a big intuitive heart. I’m stupidly organised and can flow with the changing tides of business, too.

Oh – I also get a sick thrill from creating order out of chaos.

My working style

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia but I work virtually, which means, wherever you are in the world, I’ve got you covered.

In a past life: I used to be a business consultant

I wanted to be a fancy-pants, high-flying, suit-wearing, laptop-toting corporate. And I pulled out all stops to make it happen.

It was pretty cool for a time — 7 years to be exact. I consulted across a wide range of sectors – mining, government, health, technology and finance.

I project managed, analysed, automated and documented my heart out. I ran workshops, talked to executives, spoke at conferences in front of hundreds of people and taught a multitude of training classes.

I learnt some mad skills: How to ask the right questions to get the gold answers. How to build trust and long-standing relationships. How to manage multiple tasks while keeping my eye on the big picture. How to bring a project in on time and budget. How to translate complex technical talk into a language anyone can understand. How to navigate my way around a myriad of software systems.


In 2015, I left my corporate career behind, bought a campervan named Walter and set off on a 30,000km solo adventure around Australia.

At the same time, my sister and I hatched the idea for a little podcast called She Makes Magic.

She Makes Magic was one special project. Interviewing other women who had left behind lives that didn’t feel right to follow their brave hearts, gave me the courage to do the same myself.

I also fell head over heels in love with podcasting and, eventually, it came to form a piece of my greater passion and work in the world.


And all that time out there in the fresh Australian air, with my bare feet on the bare earth, interviewing women who were chasing their dreams, had me reconsider my values and get crystal clear on what was important to me.


supporting women doing awesome things

Back in Brisbane after my epic adventure, I knew I couldn’t go back to the consulting world. I definitely couldn’t go back to working for mining companies and big corporates.

I wanted to work with people and organisations who were creating positive ripples in the world.

As my podcast grew, so did my online connections. Women I interviewed and who listened to my podcast, became my real-life friends. And then, quite unexpectedly they became my clients…

All the years of consulting, blogging and podcasting, culminated in me having just the right skills to offer.

And now here I am, three years on, supporting women who are doing awesome things in the world.