Struggling to record and edit your podcast in Audacity?
Perhaps you’re struggling with some or all of these questions…

+ How do I record my first episode in Audacity?

+ How do I connect my microphone?

+ How do I get the best sound recording?

+ What are all these tools and buttons in Audacity? Someone please help!

+ I want simple, straight-forward instructions on how to edit my audio file.   

+ How do I mix music into my episode?

+ How do I balance volume levels so my guest’s voice and my voice are the same volume?

+ How do I remove background noise?

+ What’s the difference between a wav file and an mp3 file and which one should I be using?

And then there’s all the stuff you don’t know you don’t know…

I remember the very first time I edited a podcast episode. It took me… wait for it… SIXTEEN HOURS. Yup.

I was in STRUGGLE town.

I knew this could not go on. So I trawled the internet, looking for Audacity tutorials that explained how to record and edit in plain and simple terms.

I wasted hours and hours of my time, staring at those blue wave forms, pulling out my hair, wondering what the heck I was doing wrong and why my audio didn’t sound any good.

Sound familiar?

Two years on and 50+ episodes later, I’ve finally nailed this whole recording and editing thing down.

If you’re in Audacity struggle town, too I want to share what I’ve learnt with you.



A series of online video tutorials specifically designed for podcasters. It teaches you exactly what you need to know to record and edit your podcast episodes in Audacity, explained in straight-forward, easy to understand terms.

Your Investment: $149 AUD

I purchased your Audacity training today. Absolutely the most helpful tutorial EVER. You took something that’s very confusing and made it into something that no longer frightens me. Thank you!”

Jen Vertanen

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn
Audacity for Podcasters is a dedicated members area containing 13 video tutorials (2+ hours of training materials) that step you through the entire recording and editing process in Audacity.
You’ll learn:

+ How to correctly connect your microphone and configure your sound preferences for recording.

+ How to use the recording tools in Audacity to record your voice.

+ How to determine and set the correct volume levels while recording, to make sure you get the best audio quality.

+ The difference between stereo and mono tracks and the best format for spoken-word podcasts.

+ How to import, export and save your Audacity project.

+ Why wave forms, sound levels, ceilings, floors, head room and the playback meter are all SUPER important when you’re recording and editing.

+ How to use the editing tools in Audacity to create and build a rocking episode.

+ How to remove background noise from your audio recording.

+ How to balance volume levels between different people or different segments on your show.

+ How to mix music throughout your episode.

Your Investment: $149 AUD

Let me ask you this… what sounds better?

+ Spending your precious time scouring the internet for podcasting tutorials?

+ Pulling your hair out with the technical babble.

+ Spending hours and hours of time recording, re-recording, editing and re-editing your episodes and still not getting the results you wish for?


+ Using easy-to-follow video tutorials that step you through exactly how to record and edit your podcast from start to finish.

Breathe easy. I have you covered.

Your Investment: $149 AUD

Frequently asked questions

I’m technically challenged. Will I still be able to follow this program?

Absolutely. The video tutorials contain 2+ hours of instructions and details on how to edit and record your podcast. And everything has been explained in plain and simple terms. You can watch these videos and follow along step by step.

How long does this course take?

Audacity for Podcasters is a self-paced program and you’ll receive access immediately on purchase so you can work through the video tutorials in your own time, at your own pace.

I am a Mac user. Will this course be relevant to me?

The Audacity software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. So yup, this course will definitely work for you.

Does this course teach me how to record podcast interviews?

Nope. You’ll need special software to record you podcast interviews which we don’t cover in Audacity for Podcasters. BUT Audacity for Podcasters will teach you how to edit your podcast interviews in Audacity after you’ve done the recording.

I’m an Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers student. Do I need this course, too?

Nope. Ignite contains all these videos and more inside the resources centre.

What if I need some extra guidance?

If you prefer a little 1:1 love, I also offer a range of podcast mentoring packages. Find out more about my packages here.

How is the program delivered?

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll receive an email with details of how to access the Audacity for Podcasters members area.

What is your refund policy?

Because the program is delivered immediately on purchase, I am not able to offer refunds on purchases.


Got more questions? Hit me up at

Your Investment: $149 AUD