Let’s get down to (strategic, savvy AND soulful) business.

I’m guessing you’re reading this page because you’re feeling some (or all!) of the following:


+ Excited about a new creative idea (business, service or product) but need someone to help you ground it

+ Stuck, uncertain or like you’ve hit a plateau in your biz

+ Lacking clarity around your message, clients or offerings

 + Tired of hustling, forcing, pushing and being on the brink of burn-out – you want to do business differently this time around

+ Overflowing with ideas but have no idea where to start

+ Fed up with going around in circles and getting tripped up by the same limiting beliefs

+ Sick of following cookie-cutter approaches to biz that don’t work and leave you feeling like a failure

+ Ready to implement business systems that support you and give you more time to do the things you love

What you’re looking for is a business coach who will:


+ Design a program specific to you and your business needs

+ Help you feel safe and comfortable to explore what’s really holding you back

+ Cut through the noise and break it down into simple, actionable steps

+ Call you out on your ‘shit’ in a loving but direct way

+ Hold you accountable and support you to take practical steps forward

+ Strategise and help you do business in a smart, successful way that still feels good

+ See your big vision and walk alongside you to make it happen

I have seen so much progress with my workflow, focus and creativity since working with Alana. I just dig her authenticity, support and how much she has helped me through a huge transition to launch my business.


Alana is the essence of a new way of doing business in this world: super professional, dedicated and structured, yet filled with space, heart and soul. She fully embraces the feminine and masculine with the best of both worlds.



My Experience

I’ve got over 15 years combined experience in business, administration, IT consulting and marketing.

I’ve been a freelance business manager and coach since 2015. I’ve worked with hundreds of women both in and on their businesses.

I’ve been personally blogging, podcasting and creating online offerings for over six years.

I walk my talk and I’ve been in the online trenches doing the work. I know what it takes.

My Approach

While I’ve got a sharp, business-savvy mind, I’ve learnt that strategy alone does not a successful business make.

Conversely, if we spend all our time in creative visioning and never take the required action, nothing ever gets done.

When you work with me, we blend together both the soul and strategy of business.


+ Spending time exploring the energy of your business and using this to guide you (think: lots of guided visualisations, energy work and deep diving)

+ Cleaning up old stagnant energy, re-wiring your programming and re-writing your business narrative so you show up from an energetically clean and aligned state (so important for a successful biz!)


+ Defining your core values so your boundaries are strong and your mind is focused (key for making decisions and preventing burnout)

+ Bringing ease and flow into everything you do. Out with the hustle. In with the inspired, effective action.

strategic BUSINESS

+ Working towards a specific, measurable goal which we define together in our first session

+ Money and price-point discussions (because this is a business you’re running, not an expensive hobby and lady, you need to charge your worth!)

+ Strategy, task lists and accountability agreements to keep you moving forward

+ I am an incredibly practical coach so we don’t just ‘float’ in the energy – you’ll be expected to show up and do the practical work


1. Email me at alana@alanahelbig.com. Let’s jump on a 15-minute get-to-know each other call.

2. We’ll chat about where you’re at and what you need.

3. If it’s a fit, I’ll put together a coaching package specifically tailored to you and your biz.


Coaching packages are normally structured in this way:

+ A number of weekly 1:1 sessions over Zoom, phone or in person if you’re in Brisbane (the number of sessions will vary depending on you and your business needs)

+ Recordings of each session

+ Access to me via whatsapp – I’ll be checking in with you regularly – I truly care about you and your success