This is for you if you’re an entrepreneur working in the online space and you are looking for that special someone to support you and the incredible work you do.

Someone who truly cares about your business, your clients and your message.

Someone who gets what it means to be running a heart-based business.

Someone who has the knowledge, skills and experience of working in the online world so you can hand over tasks with full trust, freeing you up to do the real work.

With over six years experience in blogging, podcasting and social media, building my own heart-based business, plus seven years experience working as a business management consultant and marketing coordinator for an information technology company in Brisbane, I have loads of experience in the real world.

My passion lies at the cross section where business strategy and soul meet. I’m all about getting things done while staying connected to the core of why you do what you do.

“This woman is absolutely incredible. Not only does she truly listen to and understand your vision and project she also amplifies and raises up your mission by knowing what to highlight and how to do that!  She’s the kind of person you want on your team to really make you dreams come true. A methodical, crazily organised, out-of-the-box thinker that can magically make your projects happen. Not only that, she generously supports any nerves and uncertainty by plugging you back into your heart as well as providing honest and helpful feedback. An absolute team player who is truly passionate about supporting those who are doing the soul swagger.”

Lauren Aletta, Inner Hue

“Alana was all I could dream of and then some. You can sense she TRULY cares. To me she is the essence of a new way of doing business in this world: super professional, dedicated and structured, yet filled with space, heart and soul. She fully embraces the feminine and masculine with the best of both worlds.”

Laura Storm

“Alana is very professional and reliable in whatever she does, and at the same time she is very relaxed and approachable. She has supported us skilfully & knowledgeably in creating and managing the technical side of publishing our weekly podcast. In a mentoring session the information Alana shared was invaluable and highlighted her knowledge around podcasting. If you want your podcast to run smoothly then Alana is the right person for you!”

Lyn Man, EarthSelf


+ Copywriting, copyediting and transcription
+ Mail outs (MailChimp, ConvertKit and Ontraport are my main tools of trade but I can quickly find my way around almost any mailing system)
+ Blog posting
+ Website management (Squarespace and WordPress is where I’m at)
+ Website builds and membership site builds (I build websites on WordPress with the Divi theme and membership sites on WordPress with Wishlist and I like to partner with my amazing graphic designer Alisha Brunton for the design element)
+ Social media management (Facey, Insty, Pinterest, Twitter, Buffer, Hootsuite)
+ Video and audio editing
+ Podcast administration such as technical setup of your podcast and publishing your audios (I don’t normally edit podcast episodes but have a wonderful biz partner who can help with the editing if you need that)
+ Launch strategy and support
+ Biz strategy and mentoring
+ Sales funnel / nurture funnel creations
+ General business administration such as invoicing, client onboarding and scheduling

I am also happy to take on other projects that might not fit into the list above. 



+ Write website code or web development outside of WordPress and Divi (I can recommend someone if this is what you need)
+ Answer emails or man inboxes – this stuff just does not light me up
+ Little drips and drops of work here and there – I generally work best on reoccurring tasks I can sink my teeth into and make my own or on project-based assignments. 



+ Have recurring administrative stuff you’d like to pass off to someone else to free you up for the good stuff – I’m a big fan of batching my work and love a solid timeframe.
+ Need someone by your side for a certain block of time each week or month.
+ Have a specific project you’re working on and need support with.
+ Are happy for my support to be virtual – I’m a location independent kind of girl.


I honestly would love to partner with someone longer term, get really comfy with each other and become part of your ongoing virtual support team. However, if you just need someone for a specific project you’re working on right now, that will definitely work too.



I work at a flat hourly rate of $40 AUD for basic administrative tasks.

For project-based assignments we can work out a fixed fee if you’re more comfortable with that. 

For work that requires higher levels of skill such as website and membership site builds, copywriting, video and audio work and business strategy and mentoring, rates may be higher depending on the project in question.


Let’s begin with a 30-minute discovery session to see if we are a fit. Book your discovery session by emailing me at