Free Libsyn podcast hosting

Libsyn is a powerful podcast hosting platform. It’s the platform I use and recommend to all my clients. I am proud to now partner with Libsyn and offer you free podcast hosting. Here’s how it works.

When signing up to Libsyn, you can use the promotional code ALANA and receive free hosting for the remainder of the current month and all of the following month.

Sign up here and enter ALANA into the promo code field to take advantage of this offer.

Important things to note:

+ If you change your account level during the free period, the billing system kicks in immediately. Be sure to keep your account at the same subscription level for the entire free period. ** My recommendation is to opt for a higher plan with more monthly storage for the free period to ensure you don’t run out of space during that time. Once the free period ends, you can swap down the subscription if you’re not using all the storage space.**

+ Ensure you leave your credit card information in the system for the free period. If you remove your credit card information, the billing system registers you as a false account and may cancel your subscription.

+ This promotional code will only work for your first Libsyn show.