Honouring your own cycles

It’s the last week of Autumn here in Australia, and gosh, if I forgot for a second it was coming into winter… I know now! A cold snap has arrived, extra blankets and flannelette sheets are definitely needed.

And it’s not just my bedding that’s changing… I’ve noticed my energy changing too. I’m a morning person, for sure, and in summer, I’ll leap out of bed at 5.30am (no alarm needed!)… But in the last few weeks, I’ve found myself sleeping until 7.30am.

At first I reprimanded myself. How indulgent and lazy! But as I explored this more, I realised it’s okay. It’s more than okay. My body is showing me the way – winter is for rest, internal reflection, sleep ins and silence. Our cells hold the remembering of this from our ancestors who once lived in tune with the earth cycles.

So I’m embracing it. Shifting my early morning walk to the middle of the day or late afternoon. Accepting that there will be less work hours in my day and looking where I can scale back a little. I’ve learnt no good can come from ignoring the signals from my body.

It’s also got me thinking about how we do business. We come from corporate backgrounds or upbringings where we were expected to be ‘on’ all the time. It has been ingrained in us to create, produce, show up, push through, even when our bodies and energy are screaming at us STOP.


The corporate world is flatline if you think about it….

Show up at this time, do this task, get this amount of money in your bank account on this day, always be switched on… it’s flatline and what we think of as ‘safe’.

The business land moves in cycles…

Our creativity ebbs and flows, at times large sums of money comes in and at other times it’s just a trickle, sometimes we feel energised and at other times we need to rest… it’s cyclic and sometimes can feel quite scary, especially when the tide is out…


What I see a lot of women do is try to push through, even when things are not flowing…

We shunt our own rhythms and the rhythms of our business… ‘thinking’ we know better.That’s when business gets hard… and then we add resistance by running a story (like I did about sleeping in) – we’re lazy or money is tight or we’re not good at what we do… NOPE the tide is just out, my friend and it will come back in – this is how business rolls.

Where are you right now in your business cycle?
Is the tide in or out?
Are you in summer, autumn, winter or spring?
Is it a full moon or a new moon?

Take whatever analogy feels most right to you… sit down with your business and ask it. Start to attune yourself to its rhythm (and your rhythm).


When we tune to this rhythm, we trust and relax more and we move into a ‘healthy flow’ – one that doesn’t require pushing, one that is filled with inspired action and abundance mixed with moments of true rest and respite (sans guilt!).

This is how we do business in a sustainable, nourishing way.

Here’s to honouring our own pace and rhythms!

Alana xx



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