What online dating is teaching me about my online business

For the past few months, I’ve been going on a whole heap of dates.

It’s been fun, awkward, confusing, uncomfortable, exciting, nerve-wracking and it’s shone a big bright light on my shit (kinda like how it can feel to have your own biz).

I recently went on a date with a man and halfway through the night, I started to behave in a way I am not proud of.

The next day, I reflected on my behaviour.

This is what I realised:

  • There’a an old narrative I use in dating
  • There’s an old way I have attracted men

And many of my actions have been driven from a desire to be validated, rather than from an aligned, intentional state.

I’m wanting to create a relationship that’s completely different from one I’ve ever had before.

And yet, I’m still showing up in the old way, running the same old narrative.


I’ve been thinking about how I want to FEEL on future dates.

To feel how I want to feel requires me to: 

Bring an emotional maturity I’ve not brought to the table before.

Step two feet in.

Open my heart, be vulnerable and be MYSELF (and trust this is enough)

Be self-responsible

Have boundaries

Self-soothe and nurture myself rather than get it from some external source


Because the relationship I want, won’t accept anything less.


Our businesses are just like dating.

It’s a two-way relationship that needs to be nurtured, explored and treated with respect.


So let me ask you some questions:

What’s your relationship like with your biz?

Have you bothered to ‘date’ it properly and get to know it’s energy, what it likes, dislikes and what it wants to become?

How have you been showing up to your business?

Does it feel  good in your body to show up this way?

When you finish up interacting with your biz for the day, do you feel proud and energised and energetically clean?

How would you have to start showing up to have the business you truly want?

What do you need to STOP doing? What behaviours, stories and beliefs have you outgrown?

Where do you need to take self-responsibility? Where do you need to commit? Where do you need to draw boundaries?

Are you self-soothing and nurturing yourself every step of the way?


It’s confronting to take a close look at areas that need to change. It’s even more confronting to commit to doing it a different way.

But, just like I’ve discovered through dating:

The business YOU want, won’t accept anything less.


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