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In this episode we’re getting untangled with Chris Sitka, lesbian elder and feminist activist. We adventure into:

+ Her story of coming out as a lesbian in the seventies when the consequences and risks of doing so were high.

+ How she found the courage to walk her soul path, even when it meant exposing herself to harassment and violence.

+ Why she believes that wearing a bra, makeup, heels or dressing “feminine” constricts the spirit.

+ The importance of learning to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

+ Her theory on the spiritual purpose of the incarnation of lesbians through ancient cultures to today and the link between the soul and lesbianism.

+ Patriarchy as a brief part of human history and the archaeological theories that explore periods when women and women’s bodies were highly respected and worshipped.

+ Why women today are being called to stand in their full power as service to the healing of our planet.

This is a really interesting exploration of not just lesbian rights but also women’s rights in Australia during the 50s until now. The conversation could also feel quite shocking, triggering or radical at times so I encourage you to listen to this interview with an open mind and an open heart.





Chris does not have a web site or social media sites as she is dedicated to the tangible world. You can contact her by email via sitka at bigpond dot com.


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