Untangled Panel Mummahood and spirituality

A few weeks ago, I received a really touching email from an Untangled listener. This is what she had to say:

What I would like to hear more of on your podcasts is discussions with mothers in the thick of it. How do I find my spiritual practice in mothering? Because that’s where I have to get it, there is little room for anything else. How can I embrace motherhood as one of my gifts to the world when it is so undervalued in terms of ‘productivity’? And here I sit embracing all of ‘this’ (the rich content you cover in your podcasts) in my late 30’s, how can I show my beautiful daughters through everyday interactions what’s possible so that they can stay open rather than do the long hard yards of cracking open decades later? For many motherhood is a huge part of their lives and potentially bloody powerful so it’s a shame to have women sitting listening dreaming of embarking on their journey once they have pushed their babes through the school gate. I thoroughly believe that my journey can be largely via my mothering but would adore some inspiration and role models in this realm.¬†

Not being a mother myself, I called in three spiritual mummas to explore this topic on the very first Untangled podcast panel. Please welcome Nicole Mathieson, Megan Koufos and Lauren Aletta.

In this panel discussion, we cover:

+ How to incorporate your children into your spiritual practice.

+ Teaching your children how to connect in with their own spiritual needs.

+ Practical tips for creating a structured routine within your family to support both you and your children.

+ Why children choose their parents and the circumstances they are born into for their soul evolution.

+ Mother’s guilt as a signpost and wakeup call that something deeper is going on.

+ Admitting your mistakes to your children and how this can create greater trust between you and your child.

+ Embracing motherhood as one of the many soul gifts you are offering the world.



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+ Raising Spiritual Kids – Megan’s online course


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