So far we’ve welcomed over 60+ women through the Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers program from all over the world, many of who have gone onto launch their podcasts. Check out some of their success stories and words about the Ignite program below.

Vana Feliciano, host of Quiet Brave Radio

“Alana started as a stranger. Choosing her program was synchronicity at its best. And if you’ve ever wanted to explore podcasting I would implore you to check out this offering. I stand behind it as the reason #QuietBraveRadio was born with an ease, excitement and execution that felt 100% aligned with my Vision. Her heartfelt guidance and sisterly love with help you usher in what you’ve most imagined. Take a peak. And if it resonates I encourage your YES because it’s at an unmatched price for the value for what it offers.”

Listen to me interview Vana about her podcasting journey:

Laura Storm, host of The Cracks of Light Podcast

“Alana was all I could dream of and then some. I was in her online Ignite course, did 1:1 mentoring with her and she helped me with the technical setup of my podcast. The way Alana holds space, inspires, motivates and teaches is so epically heart-filled and rich. You can sense she TRULY cares. To me she is the essence of a new way of doing business in this world: super professional, dedicated and structured, yet filled with space, heart and soul. She fully embraces the feminine and masculine with the best of both worlds. Furthermore you become part of a lovely support-group of other global female podcasters who are out there changing the world and cheering each other on. If you want your own Podcast – Alana is your wing-woman and wizard.”

Jen Vertanen, host of Going There

“Alana was an absolute GOD send in helping me bust through the fears and finally get my podcast into the world. Alana was like having a strategic partner in my back pocket while also being the tender yet fierce encourager I also needed to cross the finish line. In addition to her mentorship, Alana’s super clear technical instructions helped give me confidence that I actually *could* do the technical bits and pieces and I know without a doubt, the trainings saved me hours and hours and HOURS of time trying to figure it out all on my own. Working with Alana has been one of the best investments I’ve made to date.”

​Mackenzie Eason, host of Embodied Empowered Engaged

“My work with Alana was truly catalytic, powerful, and life changing. I felt so held by Alana in the depths of my podcast creation process, as if i could bring any part of my process to her and be met with heart, understanding, and incredibly wise guidance. Her attuned presence, professional know-how, and soulful invitations created a space of true growth and support. The Ignite program covered all the podcasting bases, and then some! From the subtle to the technical, Alana provided real tangible support throughout the entire process. I know without a doubt that I would have never created my podcast without Alana. I find myself still feeling supported and cared for by Alana’s tools and insights months after the program ended. I feel beyond grateful to have received Alana’s genius mentoring, I recommend working with her in the highest regard!”

Rachel Sizemore, host of Ripen

“Working with Alana is full service. I thought I was getting technical support for the logistics of starting a podcast (and I did receive everything I knew I needed there and about a million things I didn’t know I needed). What I didn’t realise is that I was also getting a true intuitive and healing coaching experience. Without a doubt working with Alana has accelerated my growth and expansion on my soul journey. And… she midwifed the shit out of my podcast.”

Listen to me interview Rachel about her podcasting journey:

Nicole Mathieson, host of Unbreakable Love

“Not using age as an excuse, but I feel like technology can so easily baffle those of us who got their first email account in their mid-twenties. All I can say is thank GODDESS for Ignite – Alana Helbig’s brilliant podcast guide program. If you are thinking of starting a podcast, do NOT – I repeat – do not attempt this alone!! Especially if you are technically challenged. But even then, the soul, integrity, tuning-in guidance Alana gives is worth the program alone.”

Listen to me interview Nicole about her podcasting journey:

Ashley Rose Hogrebe, host of Work From The Road

“There is no chance my podcast would have been created in such little time with as much guidance and clarity as I had without Ignite. I felt completely supported through the entire podcasting process, from ideation to recording to editing to putting it out into the world. Alana is an incredible teacher and so responsive to feedback and questions. For example, I asked for a how-to document to accompany for one of the videos and she made one almost immediately and sent it back to me within the hour! That type of support was invaluable. Alana brings a feminine energy to the podcast journey that makes you feel like you’re doing it with a friend. Do yourself a favour and be a part of Ignite. You won’t regret it!”