Welcome to The Podcast School. Podcast coaching and courses to support and guide you as you step behind the mic and beam your message out to the world.
Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers is a complete and comprehensive 6-module program that guides you through the entire process of creating and launching a podcast from the ground up. Packed full of workbooks, checklists, video tutorials and audio trainings. You’ll also join a vibrant community of 50+ other women podcasters who are there to offer help and cheer you on.
The Perfect Podcast Interview is packed full of everything you need to create and facilitate powerful podcast interviews your audience will go wild for. It walks you through the entire interviewing process. From tools and equipment, to software setup, to selecting guests, to storytelling techniques, to intuitive interviewing, to working through fear and nerves.
This coaching pack is for you if you’re ready to rock your podcast launch and you’re looking for that perfect someone to guide you and keep you accountable. We’ll work closely together to vision, create and launch your podcast.
This is for you if you have a brilliant idea for your podcast and you’re ready to get started now but you don’t have the time to bother with all the technical stuff. You’re looking for someone  to swoop in and take care of the entire setup.

“Alana started as a stranger. Choosing her program was synchronicity at its best. And if you’ve ever wanted to explore podcasting I would implore you to check out this offering. I stand behind it as the reason Quiet Brave Radio was born with an ease, excitement and execution that felt 100% aligned with my Vision."

Vana Feliciano, host of Quiet Brave Radio

“The way Alana holds space, inspires, motivates and teaches is so epically heart-filled and rich. You can sense she TRULY cares. To me she is the essence of a new way of doing business in this world: super professional, dedicated and structured, yet filled with space, heart and soul. She fully embraces the feminine and masculine with the best of both worlds. If you want your own Podcast – Alana is your wing-woman and wizard.”

Laura Storm, host of Cracks of Light

"Alana’s super clear technical instructions helped give me confidence that I actually *could* do the technical bits and pieces and I know without a doubt, the trainings saved me hours and hours and HOURS of time trying to figure it out all on my own. Working with Alana has been one of the best investments I’ve made to date.”

Jen Vertanen, host of Going There

"From the subtle to the technical, Alana provided real tangible support throughout the entire process. I know without a doubt that I would have never created my podcast without Alana. I find myself still feeling supported and cared for by Alana’s tools and insights months after the program ended."

Mackenzie Eason, host of Embodied Empowered Engaged

"Finally I found a woman that speaks my language! Her vibe and her total ease at explaining the ins and outs of podcasting in a way that makes it seem simple meant everything to me. But she does so much more than tell you how to set up a podcast. She helps you tap into your dreams and holds your hand as you make it a reality."

April Kurtyka, host of Roots of Awakening

“Not using age as an excuse, but I feel like technology can so easily baffle those of us who got their first email account in their mid-twenties. All I can say is thank GODDESS for Alana Helbig’s brilliant podcast program. If you are thinking of starting a podcast, do NOT – I repeat – do not attempt this alone!! Especially if you are technically challenged."

Nicole Mathieson, host of Unbreakable

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