Quitting my 10-year corporate career, buying a campervan and travelling all the way around Australia solo was definitely not the most financially sensible idea.

Travelling overseas would have been a LOT cheaper.

But it felt so right.

And isn’t it interesting, how when we step into the flow of the rightness of a feeling, everything flows for us – I call this stepping into the slipstream of your soul.

That’s what happened for me with the van.

All the little perceived obstacles were cleared easily, with trust and aligned action.


My Dad found my van for me – an old 1988 Nissan Urvan called Walter – and spent hours and hours of his own time working on it, cleaning it up, putting on solar panels and new batteries so I could be off-grid, a new fridge and special plugs so I could charge all my gadgets and blog from the road.


My friends offered to store my gear under their house and to look after my beloved kitten, Mimi.


Oh! That sweet sweet day I walked away from the fluorescent lights and white walls of my office, knowing I would not be returning.

I was completely on path.


Some people (mainly guys) thought I was crazy and had lots of opinions about what I was doing – particularly the “what if you break down?” question.

Rather than invest my energy in what might go wrong, I decided to focus on what might go right.


In March 2015, I took Walter for a “test” adventure with my sister Koren.


We travelled for four weeks around Tasmania. And this is where, we hatched the idea for a little podcast called She Makes Magic.

On a rainy day, at a campsite on the West Coast of Tassie, we sat in the back of Walter and recorded our first two episodes – me interviewing Koren and Koren interviewing me. Both of us were nervous, our voices shook, we had no idea how to technically setup a podcast but we assumed a good place to start would be to record the interviews.


She Makes Magic would become my saving grace as I travelled around Australia. Speaking with other women who had left behind lives that didn’t feel right to follow their brave hearts gave me the courage to do the same myself.

It would also have me fall deeply in love with podcasting and later form a piece of my greater passion and work in the world (more to come on this in future tales).


Fast forward to May 2015 – IR