You’re ready to untangle from an old life that no longer feels right and transition into something new.


You have: A deep inner knowing that there’s something more for you.

You’ve been receiving: Guidance and signs things need to change. There are one or more areas of your life you’ve outgrown and that are calling for your attention.

You might be: Stuck in a job you don’t like. Sick of the rat race. Tired of striving and pushing. Looking for alternative ways to live. Craving simplicity. Dreaming of a travel destination. Noticing creative insights dropping through.

You’ve been feeling: A friction between your internal knowing and what society’s rules expect you to do. Confused, uncertain or like the path is unknown. Bored of the same conversations, people or situations. Like you no longer belong in a life that once felt like an almost-perfect fit.

You’re certain that: The way most people ‘do life’ is not for you. There’s got to be a different way (perhaps you know what YOUR way is but you don’t quite know how to get there).

You’ve probably asked yourself many times: is this all there is to life?


You’re wanting to create a different kind of lifestyle. A different kind of life. One based on your own set of rules. One that feels more like you.


This life might involve: Solo travel. A new business idea. Location independence. Moving homes. A sea or forest change. Cutting back your work hours or maybe even changing careers completely. Or you might not know what this new life looks like just yet (that’s cool, too).

Wherever you’re at, transition coaching might just be what you need.


+ Learn the different phases of transition and identify where you are at so you can navigate with more ease and less confusion.

+ Illuminate limiting beliefs and stories and re-write your own rule book so you can create and move into the life you desire.

+ Learn to build emotional resilience through self-soothing practices and activities, so you can stay connected and tuned into your truth, even when turbulent transition waters hit.

+ Sort through what’s of value, what should stay and what needs to go, letting go of that which is no longer serving you and creating space for the new to flow in.

+ Intuitively create an action plan to untangle from your current life and leap into the new one, so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

+ Spend time honestly sharing your feelings with someone (that’s me!) who totally gets what you’re going through, will support you in your choices and definitely will NOT look at you like you’ve got two heads.


Prior to our first session:

You’ll receive a short workbook from me with journaling questions to get clear on what you’re wanting out of our work together. I’m an action-orientated kind of coach and I like to see you get results. This activity gets us on the same page before we begin.

Session 1: Where you’re currently at

In this session, we look at where you’re currently at, why that’s not working and then dive into your greater vision or dream. I talk you through the transition map – the different phases of transition – and we work out where you are currently sitting. Then we explore where you’d like to get to by the end of our time together and we put a realistic plan in place.

Session 2: Re-writing the rule book

In this session, we look at the stories and old rules that are keeping you small, preventing you from expanding into the life you know you desire to live. This is a deep-diving session, with visualisations and meditations. Come prepared to get really honest here.

Session 3: Untangling and Letting go

You’ll likely have, by now, identified parts of your old life – both internally and externally – that need to be let go or upgraded. This can bring up a range of emotions from excitement through to fear. This session is all about getting you comfortable with the releasing and untangling process. We may explore self-soothing techniques to help with the transition and perform a releasing ritual where needed.

Session 4: Laying new foundations

As you begin to expand into your new life and way of being, we’ll prepare you energetically for what’s to come. In this session I’ll teach you a powerful manifestation tool to tap into the ‘vibe’ of your new life and energetically super-charge it.


Much of our work together will be energetic and intuitive. That is, we use energy to explore, heal and expand. And we tap into YOUR intuition to navigate.

While the above gives you a basic outline of the sessions, your transition and transformation and the pace will be completely unique to you. We will be guided by your inner compass and inner instruction.

With this in mind, the session outlines should only be viewed as a guide. Sessions will be uniquely tailored to you and where you are at in your journey.


+ 4 x 45-minute coaching sessions (1 per fortnight via Skype)

+ Recordings of each session

+ Email support in between sessions

+ Additional resources, journaling prompts and activities as needed through the journey

INVESTMENT: $400 AUD or 2 monthly payments of $225 (AUD)

Let’s begin with a 30-minute discovery session to see if we are a fit. Book your discovery session by emailing me at


I am no stranger to untangling and transition.

I went through my first untangling when I was 18 and have been untangling and transitioning again and again ever since.

I’d like to say I did all these transitions with awareness but, in the early days, before spirituality was cool, intuition was a commonplace word and the internet wasn’t even really a thing (now I’m showing my age), I was just a young girl with a burning desire for living life in a different way. In a way that did not look like what everyone else was doing. MY WAY.

I could feel it, but I couldn’t explain it. Regardless, it is a feeling I have never been able to ignore.

You could say untangling has always been a part of who I am. You can read the stories of my untanglings and transitions over this way.


What I’ve learnt, through each of these untanglings and transitions is there’s a process we go through. And by knowing and understanding that process, you can navigate your transitions with more ease and clarity and less fear and grief.

What I’ve also come to discover is these moments of untangling and transition can be a place of clarity and creativity. A time to re-evaluate, to take stock of what is working and what is not. And to actively, consciously lay a new foundation on which to build upon.

To do this you must commit to listening to the guiding inner voice (not the logical, rational of the head). In other words, you must commit to YOU. For only you hold the map to navigate through.

In our sessions together, I’ll teach you this transition process and support you in tapping back into your truth, desires and dreams in a safe, loving space. We’ll explore what’s keeping you small and then you’ll take conscious, active steps towards your own expansion and transformation.

Let’s begin with a 30-minute discovery session to see if we are a fit. Book your discovery session by emailing me at