Mandie Mitchell Untangled

I first came into contact with Mandie Mitchell over a year ago when she reached out to me after discovering She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series. As synchronicity would have it, Mandie and I were walking very similar paths at the time. I’d just left my old life behind and was travelling the vast landscapes of Australia in my campervan. She and her husband Ben had just left their jobs, sold all their possessions and were preparing for their own adventure.

I followed Mandie’s incredible and soul-guided journey as she and Ben relocated and lived in Bali, the returned to Australia, renovated and lived in a caravan for three months, travelled to Tasmania and finally returned to Western Australia after discovering they were pregnant.

In this interview, I ask Mandie to share this entire story.

We explore:

+ How she found the courage to give up her ‘safe’ life for one of freedom, especially during the early days when the path was unclear.

+ The magical and synchronistic unfolding that occurred once Mandie and Ben committed to their desires.

+ Her personal struggle with surrender and trust.

+ Adopting roles and personas to fit in or to please, especially when we are unsure of what we want and who we really are.

+ The trap of looking at and comparing yourself to others when you’re feeling lost.

+ The difficulties of fitting back into ‘normal’ life after such a huge and life-changing experience.

+ How the lessons from Bali are now helping her to navigate new and unknown territory – becoming a Mum.

+ How she’s nourished and maintained a beautiful relationship with her husband through all this change.




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Mandie Mitchell Untangled



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