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In 2011, Kerry Rowett found herself exhausted and burnt out. She’d been doing her passion work, creating a kinesiology business she loved and adored. Yet, as you’ll hear Kerry talk about in this interview, she was using her work as a coping mechanism, a way to distract herself from what was really going on in her life. At 36 years old, Kerry experiences burnout in her business and a breakdown in her marriage, finding herself living back at home with her parents.

Listen in as Kerry shares the series of awakening moments that lead her to get out of her head and reconnect back in with her soul.

You’ll hear how Kerry had everything stripped away from her in one huge transition forcing her to turn inwards and do the ‘real’ work.

And, don’t forget to listen into the very end of this interview. Kerry offers up a special collective healing where, together, she holds us as we all gently align back to our own souls.

If you tend to spend a lot of your time hanging out in your head (I know I absolutely do) and find the connection to your soul difficult or confusing, this interview really is for you.

Kerry shares:

+ How being stuck in her head and blocked off from her heart kept her disconnected from her truth.

+ How kinesiology helped her to uncover the roots of her pain and enabled the clearing of long term depression.

+ The burnout she experienced in her business and how this became the catalyst for a life overhaul.

+ Why it is so important to tune into our bodies, rather than just using the mind to push through.

+ What Kerry’s experience has taught her about letting go of life’s outcome and just enjoying the ride.

+ Why our soul’s purpose is not something we ‘do’ but rather something that we ‘are’.

Kerry Rowett Untangled



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