Erfan Daliri Untangled


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At the age of 28, Erfan Daliri finds himself living in his parent’s garage. He’s divorced, has sold everything he owns and he’s about to undertake a very conscious journey of untangle-ment.

In this interview Erfan and I explore:

+ The series of events that lead him to this point in his life.

+ How he navigated dark periods of anxiety and depression.

+ Erfan’s great fear of being alone and how he worked with and released this fear.

+ Why developing our emotional core strength is essential for navigating periods of difficulty.

+ Learning to turn inwards, rather than looking outside of ourselves or to others for answers.

+ Healing our planet by balancing the masculine and feminine within all of us.

Plus so much more. Seriously, one of my most favourite discussions to date.

Erfan Daliri Untangled



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+ Paper Planes: Erfan’s newest spoken word album



Erfan Daliri is an internationally toured spoken word artist with a background in engineering, a Graduate Diploma in Communication for Social Change and over a decade of experience in youth work, community development project management, event management and workshop facilitation.

As the co-founder of UpUpTrampoline, an events for social change company, much of his work now focuses on empowering, inspiring and activating agents of social change. Whether it be a presenting a master class for creative artists, directing a festival that caters to tens of thousands of patrons or performing on stage, the through line of his work is social change and societal evolution.

+ Website:
+ Facebook: /mr.erfan.daliri
+ Instagram: @erfandaliri



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