TreeGirl Untangled


It’s 1995 and Julianne Skai Arbor (aka TreeGirl) decides to take a modern-day walk-about to Australia. As she’s hiking through the rainforest, she comes across some giant vines. In a flash she feels called to strip off all of her clothes and climb in amongst the vines. She asks her hiking companion to capture the moment.

And so begins her adventure with making love to the trees. Twenty years later with photographs with over 70 species of trees, TreeGirl is now releasing a book of these moments.

In this interview TreeGirl and I explore:

+ The spiritual, creative rebirth and awakening she went through in her early 20s.

+ Her adventure to Australia in 1995 and that first moment when she discovered a desire to climb naked in trees.

+ How she’s found the courage to photograph herself naked in nature and share these photographs on the internet and in her book.

+ What making love to the trees has taught her about her body, being a woman and embodying the goddess.

This is a fascinating story of one woman who isn’t afraid to follow the wild call of her soul.

TreeGirl Untangled



+ TreeGirl: Intimate encounters with nature – TreeGirl’s recently released book

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TreeGirl is a fine art photographer and author of TreeGirl: Intimate Encounters with Wild Nature. Using a remote-control and tripod, she photographs herself and other women naked in authentic, sensual connection with the trees around the world as an invitation to rewild ourselves by cultivating our own intimate relationship with wild nature.

TreeGirl has been on the forefront of the fields of ecotherapy, nature connection and environmental art since 1995 when she began taking self-portraits with trees as a  creative and meditative practice. She is also certified as an arborist and naturalist, and has taught interdisciplinary college-level conservation education for over ten years. With her passion for trees she acts as bridge to connect people with nature through forest ecotherapy, portrait sessions and immersive nature retreats for women. She lives in northern California.

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