Sarah K Jones Untangled


I remember when I first started untangling, just how compartmentalised my life felt. There were the old parts of me – my career, my relationships, my lifestyle – created from years of thinking and acting in a certain way. And then there were the new parts of me – the parts that were looking at life in a different way, that were questioning who I really was and what I was really here for.

I couldn’t quite figure out how to make the many different parts work together. They felt incompatible. And this felt extremely uncomfortable.

So, I compartmentalised my life. I kept corporate, career focused Alana in one box. I put party-girl Alana in another box. And I put awakening Alana in a locked box and hoped she’d just go away.

You can probably guess what happened. I became depressed because I was pushing down parts of myself that needed to be expressed.

So when I sat down to interview Sarah K Jones, and she started talking about the collision that occurred in her life when she started to awaken to her gifts, I was instantly drawn in.

Listen in as Sarah and I explore her journey from graphic designer to psychic and intuitive healer and how Sarah made peace with the seemingly contradictory parts of herself.

Sarah and I also explore:

+ The pain and suffering that can occur when we try to compartmentalise our lives

+ The trap in thinking that we must bleed for our gifts. That any gifts of worth are only delivered to us through struggle and pain.

+ Sarah’s big self-doubt and self-worth blocks which influenced her offering up her gifts and charging for her gifts.

+ And Sarah’s really useful and practical guidance on what to do if you believe that you don’t have any soul gifts.

Sarah K Jones Untangled



+ Resources on Synaesthesia: Macquarie University | NHS Choices

+ Sarah’s healing archetypes – universal healing + character types that are specific to those who are here to assist, guide, heal or support people to be the best they can be.



+ How to learn the language of your soul – download your free audio gift



Sarah K is the creatrix of the Healing Archetypes, a unique + revolutionary typology system illuminating one’s accumulated soul wisdom + specialised healing superpowers that are distinctive to each coach, healer or wellness practitioner. Sarah K is soulfully + fervently driven to guide the awakening coaches + healers to rouse their full potential.  An advocate of deep, shadow work in one’s own inner landscape, Sarah K believes the greatest contribution any coach or healer can make in the world is to traverse the unknown territory within and lead by example.  Formerly a spiritual healer + reader for over 14 years, the desire to share her seasoned wisdom mentoring the emerging new wave of coaches and healers became a deeper calling to lead with greater integrity, authenticity + depth.

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