Untangled soul alignment with Nicole Mathieson and Alana Helbig


A special treat for the final Untangled episode for this year. I’ve invited my good friend and powerful healer, Nicole Mathieson onto the show to do a collective healing and soul alignment for all Untangled listeners.

A few weeks back we put out a call to our communities, asking each woman to respond with one word – their soul-anchoring word for 2017 – the word to describe 2017. What you want to call in for 2017. What you want to anchor into.

In this healing, Nicole and I work together to collectively balance us all to our chosen words, aligning us to our souls and preparing us for an incredible 2017.

If you did not have a chance to send in a word, please do not worry! You are still most welcome to listen and participate in this healing and you will still find much value in it.

My recommendation: carve out some quiet time to listen. To experience the full benefit and impact of this healing, it needs your full presence and participation.




Nicole’s Happy Heart Bundle – This bundle includes:

+ Light Up: the pleasure program – a program that explores and expands pleasure and busts through any resistance you have to feeling great

+ The Unbreakable tool – a tool that gives you the how of supporting your heart through uncomfortable emotions

+ And the beautiful heal your heart meditation put to a Sonesence soundtrack (my MOST favourite meditation).

Find out more about the bundle here.



Nicole Mathieson is a kinesiologist, life coach and presenter. Nicole’s work focuses on making the shift from head to heart consciousness. She helps her clients out of their noisy, negative heads and back into their courageous hearts, which shifts their reality, their experience of the world and most importantly, their capacity to believe in themselves. The key to healing for Nicole is understanding that our hearts are more expansive, more powerful, more capable and a whole lot more radiant than we give them credit for.

Connect with Nicole at:

+ Website: nicolemathieson.com
+ Facebook: /nicolemathiesonpage
+ Instagram: @nicole_mathieson