Candy Royalle Untangled


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Ten years ago, Candy Royalle says she was ‘dying inside’. Using recreational drugs, working in a job she hated, ridden with anxiety and completely disassociated from herself. Candy says she was hiding herself from her family and, well, from herself. She had deeply buried the truth of who she was.

In this interview, Candy and I explore:

+ The mental breakdown she had to have to rebuild herself from a space of truth.

+ How she found the courage to step out of the corporate world and take steps towards becoming an artist.

+ How she financially supported herself for two years without an income while she developed herself creatively.

+ Becoming resiliently vulnerable by breaking down our own self-imposed walls and armour.

+ The brokenness of our current system. Why so many of us feel like we don’t ‘fit in.’

Candy Royalle Untangled



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Candy Royalle is one of Australia’s most prominent performing writers. She is a multi-award winning storyteller, activist, educator, singer and vulnerability advocate who shares confronting, political, human and heart wrenching narratives to audiences all over Australia and the world having performed at innumerable folk, music, writers and arts festivals globally. As a multi-disciplinary artist, she collaborates with film makers, musicians, visual artists, dancers, photographers and others, to bring her work to life. Her opinion pieces have been published in Fairfax, Overland Literary Journal Online and SBS Online and she has been interviewed and profiled in all major news outlets.

Connect with Candy at:

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+ Facebook: /candyroyallefanpage
+ Twitter: @candyroyalle



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