#24 Van life, home schooling and breaking out of the box: how one Facebook post changed Bionca Smith’s life

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Bionca Smith was living a very comfortable life. A successful entrepreneur, living in a Condo, with a fancy BMW. Yet, Bionca says she was living pay check to pay check, her son Carter was struggling in school and she was struggling to keep the household afloat.

And then, an innocent Facebook post changed the trajectory of Bionca’s life.

“One day I want to travel the world with my son.” Bionca wrote.

“What’s stopping you?” was the response.

This question set in motion a series of events.

In 30 days, Bionca gave notice on her apartment, pulled Carter out of school and sold or gaveaway everything she owed. She slipped the key to her unsold car under the doormat and flew out of the country.

Since then, Bionca and Carter have travelled the world and more recently they purchased a campervan.

Bionca home schools Carter and runs her coaching business and not for profit organisation – The Bully Barricade Foundation – all from the back of her van.


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