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Back in 2013, I began one of the biggest untanglings of my life. My relationship had broken down, I was half way through a degree I hated, I felt like I no longer fit into my corporate job and I wasn’t being honest with myself about who I was.

What I didn’t know at the time was that this was just the very beginning and I was about to enter into an extremely dark phase, a phase that would last the better part of three years.

For three years, I stumbled around in the dark. For three years, I yelled at the Universe for answers while she seemed to just blink back blankly at me. I continually wished I was anywhere else but here, clawing and fighting to get out. But nothing worked. I just had to wait it out.

I wish back then, I’d known about Lauren Aletta’s cycle of growth. Because then I would have known that I wouldn’t be in this space forever and that where I was, was a necessary part of my soul evolution and human experience.

I know that now, of course. When I look back, I can see why it happened in the way it did. But when I was in it, holy fuck. It felt awful.

When Lauren gave me a copy of her new book Into The Woods and I began to read about the cycles of growth, I discovered, just like the seasons, we all experience a winter, spring, summer and autumn. Suddenly everything clicked into place.

And that’s why, I’ve invited Lauren onto the show today to talk about the cycles of growth and how understanding our cycles can help us to navigate our soul path.

If you feel like you’re in the dark right now or like you can’t quite understand what your soul self is asking of you, this interview is for you.

Lauren and I explore:

+ Cycles of growth and the seasons of your life and how, by identifying where you are at in each season, you can better understand your self and your path.

+ Why sometimes we have to go to deep dark places of discomfort before we can rebuild from a more aligned, truthful and trusting place.

+ The sneaky little shadowy creepers that can show up when we’re in transition.

+ How attuning to your own rhythm and beat can heighten your intuition.

+ Building a relationship between your soul self and human self.

+ Committing and devoting to turning up for you, your life and your greatness.

Lauren Aletta Inner Hue Untangled



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Lauren is a seeker and forever curious intuitive, teacher and guide that supports you in connecting with your internal compass, teaching you how to understand and harness your own natural intuitive and energetic system so you can powerfully navigate your life. She’s a spirited writer and speaker, author of the much loved Soul School Monthly resource and workbook series and now the potent and practical guidebook Into the Woods.

Lauren is the creator of both the Connected & Free oracle and Lumina tarot card decks that will greet your heart with illumination and insight. She offers a variety of services from workshops and courses, intuitive readings and Soul Food Sessions. Her purpose is revolutionising the way you connect with yourSelf and life by expanding your knowledge and understanding of your own intuitive and energetic abilities.

You can find Lauren at Inner Hue, the online spiritual safe haven and home base that provides an abundance of resources to support your adventure of awakening and aligning to your truth in this modern world.

Connect with Lauren at:

+ Website:
+ Facebook: /inner-hue
+ Instagram: @innerhue



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