#25 Untangling in partnership: choosing between love and the truth of your heart, with Vienda Maria

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Vienda Maria has lived a very nomadic, transient life. She’s actively designed a business and lifestyle that allows her to do what she loves – travel and follow her free-spirited heart.

After falling in love with her Canadian partner Julien, they agreed to try a different kind of lifestyle, returning to Julien’s home town in Canada. They purchased a house and life, from the outside, appeared almost perfect.

And yet, Vienda says, within a month of moving to Canada, her health started to decline. Insomnia, panic attacks in the middle of the night, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue.

Confused as to why this was happening, having always been so healthy, Vienda did what most of us would do. She saw a naturopath, took supplements and changed her lifestyle so she could have more rest.

But she saw no improvement in her health.

It wasn’t until Vienda left for a trip to Mexico and her symptoms cleared up that she realised something else entirely was going on.

This is Vienda’s very graceful and vulnerable story of how she’s courageously navigated an untangling while in partnership.


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