Alphamama Untangled


Alphamama is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial artist who engages her audience through her raw and evocative performances.

Alpha was brought up in a very conservative, Christian household. She says that her Untangling began at the age of 17 when her Islamic boyfriend exposed her to the theory that all religions are true. Spun into a tailspin, Alpha realised she would have to start questioning all her current beliefs.

Listen in as Alpha and I explore:

+ Alpha’s journey of breaking away from her Christian-focussed family to pursue her own life and beliefs.

+ How, by working on herself and cleaning up her own shit, she was able to heal her relationship with her father.

+ How Alpha has learnt to be present with and feel her emotions, especially the difficult ones.

+ Why following someone else’s cookie-cutter approach to spirituality doesn’t normally work.

Alphamama Untangled



+ Clear Your Shit, Dane Tomas

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ALPHAMAMA is not your run of the mill singer. She is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial artist who is a phenomena to witness in action. Commanding her space with other worldly presence, she engages her audience through her raw and evocative performances. An ALPHAMAMA live show is never the same, for her or for her audience; she instead creates a unique experience combining poetic storytelling, audience interaction, hard-hitting rap verses, booty-shaking and occasional oracle card readings. As a spiritually aware artist who is passionate about individual and collective expansion, she heads a record label, more like an art tribe of women artists called God Queen whose purpose is to bring about positive social change through art and remind women of their innate power.

Connect with Alphamama at:

+ Website:
+ Facebook: /alphamamamusic
+ Instagram: @alphamama


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