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Three years ago Frank Jay had poured all his money and more into his business. He’d lost his apartment, was sleeping in his jeep and was showering in gyms. Frank Jay says his family was questioning his life choices and he started to think he should probably go back and get a J-O-B.

Listen in as Frank Jay shares his incredible story of choosing faith over fear, putting himself in the way of miracles to turn his life and business around.

We explore:

+ How he continues to chose his truth, even in times of uncertainty and fear.

+ What to do if you want to live life your way but you have too many responsibilities.

+ Dealing with negativity from others when we decide to walk a different path.

+ Choosing faith over fear to put yourself in the way of miracles.

+ Learning to say no and creating space to find your true self.

Frank Jay Porcaro Untangled



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While working in a retirement home at age 18, Frank Jay witnessed people on their death bed regretting their life. This experience opened his eyes to the consequences of the consistent unconscious decisions that most people make throughout their life.

Frank Jay saw first hand that the decisions people made that seemed fine in the moment often led to paying a big price later on. He understood clearly that there had to be something more to life than just striving for money, paying the bills, taking care of general responsibilities and accumulating things. In his feeling he knew there was a deeper meaning to it all.

This is where his quest began. He followed that inclination and eight years later after overcoming many internal and external obstacles and quickly developing mastery in highly specialized training in the field of self-development, he’s become the co-founder of an advanced communication retreat company called International Tribe Design. He is also an International Speaker and Coach. People from all over the world that are ready to make a personal transformation seek him out and he powerfully facilitates that transformation with them. Frank Jay has positively impacted tens of thousands of lives through his live events in currently 5 countries and 3 continents.

Frank Jay deliberately works exclusively with clients that are looking to develop a life that is an exact replica of their character. Frank Jay’s clients are those want go all the way, and be connected to themselves and to their purpose, and to their tribe. They are someone that is ready to grow and recognize that living in service, they give what they’ve become. He is actively traveling the world and living his adventure while speaking to audiences of all ages, facilitating retreats in exotic locations and meeting his 12-month mastery clients in person, globally.

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+ Facebook: /internationaltribedesign
+ Instagram: @frankjayporcaro



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