Dani Gallagher Untangled


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Dani Gallagher is the folk herbalist behind Roaming Soul Apothecary, a collective of wildcrafted plant medicine.

Dani says her untangling began in her late teens when she became sick with a mysterious illness. Passed around from doctor to doctor to doctor for over a year, nobody could tell Dani what was wrong.

It was an encounter with an herbalist in Dani’s local town who introduced her to the world of plant medicine and helped Dani to slowly begin to heal.

Listen in as Dani and I explore:

+ The story of leaving her job, joining a local community farm and remembering her connection to nature.

+ Her newest project – The Wild Grown Bus – where Dani is converting an old school bus into a full time tiny house and apothecary.

+ How Dani began to break down inner walls to hear and feel her true self.

+ How fear of the unknown can stop us from connecting to who we truly are and what we truly desire.

+ Monetary sacrifice in the Untangling journey.

Dani Gallagher Untangled



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Dani Gallagher is the folk herbalist behind Roaming Soul Apothecary, a collective of wildcrafted plant medicine respectively harvested with the Earth’s rhythms. She travels along the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois Rivers in the Midwest Heartland collecting plants, wildcrafting medicine, and working as a shepherdess and consultant with local folk’s animal herds using natural rearing methods. She is often found in the middle of a goat herd, out in a field or garden somewhere, tucked inside a beehive, or set up with her apothecary in her tent at local community events talking deep conversations. It was through these conversations that she felt pulled to start The Full Moon Tribe, a monthly women’s circle nested on a bluff over a mighty river that connects women to their wild nature through plants, storytelling, rhythm and cycles of the moon. She has a deep love and respect for intuitive guidance, protecting wild places, and this ever evolving plant medicine journey which proves more exciting, beautiful, and full of light with every step. Her work with women and the healing power of plants is deepening further still while she is renovating a school bus into a project she calls The Wild Grown Bus. The bus itself will be converted into a full time tiny house and apothecary designed to spend the next two years traveling and continuing working and collecting stories with herbalists, healers, crones, midwives, land stewards, and beekeepers. You can stay up to date on her projects by signing up for her newsletter on her website and by following along with her stories on Instagram page.

Connect with Dani at:

+ Website: roamingsoulapothecary.com
+ Instagram: @roamingsoulapothecary



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