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The core question driving Untangled season 3 has been: what does it really take to follow the inner pull to create a meaningful life?

After interviewing almost 40 men and women from all around the world on this topic, what I’ve come to realise is this: When we commit to living a meaningful, soul-infused life, we are always untangling, always in motion, always growing and changing. Therefore, we are always transitioning out of the old and moving into the new.

And at times this can be incredibly frustrating because we’re not far enough along the path as we want to be. It can be incredibly painful because we have to look at parts of ourselves that we are ashamed or afraid of. It can be ostracising because we are often guided to go against the grain. It can be confusing because in transition there is always a period of unknown where we have to reclaim the truth of who we are.

But, when we commit to ourselves, it can be an incredibly magical journey, too.

This is a topic I’m passionate about because it has been my journey for the last seven years.

A couple of weeks back, I was invited by Kylie Lowe from Joining Hands Australia to share my story of untangling and creating a meaningful life.

I recorded the speech so I could share it with you, too.


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Alana Helbig is a podcaster and story-teller. At her core, she is fascinated by the inner pull we all feel to move away from the mundane and create meaning and purpose in our lives. Through her story-telling podcast, Untangled, she deep dives into the lives of her guests to find out how they untangled from society’s giant rule book to create a meaningful life.

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